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SharePoint Phishing Emails Used in TargetedAttacks
*Spam Filter Service News for September, 2019

*Cybercriminals are using SharePoint to send malicious documents to businesses in the United Kingdom. This tactic has seen many messages pass through email security defenses undetected and arrive in inboxes...Read Full Article

Microsoft Office 365 Users are Under Attack
*Spam Filter Service News for September, 2019

Microsoft Office 365 is the most widely adopted cloud service by user count and has more than 155 million active users...Read Full Article

Protect Your Business and Block Office 365 Phishing Attacks
*Spam Filter Service News for September, 2019

There are three key measures to take to improve your defenses against Office 365 phishing attacks. The most important step is to improve anti-phishing protections with a third-party anti-spam and anti-phishing solution America having...Read Full Article

New CAPTCHA Phishing Scam Targets Android Users and Steals SMS Security Codes
*Spam Filter Service News for September, 2019

A new CAPTCHA phishing scam has been detected which is being used to trick users into downloading a malicious file that intercepts multi-factor authentication codes on a user’s smartphone...Read Full Article

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