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Fraudulent E-mails Rich with Information Aid Success to Phishing Scams, Finds Study
*Spam Filter Service News for December 29, 2016

Researchers from New York situated University at Buffalo recently commissioned a study which revealed that e-mails 'rich with information' and capable of changing cognitive processes of the recipients most commonly aided victory to...Read Full Article

E-mail Scam Picks Up Over $214m within Around One Year, States FBI
*Spam Filter Service News for December 17, 2016

A task force from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) tells that one e-mail scam is running while targeting businesses by sending them fake bills and has already netted more than $214m by stealing from end-users from around forty five countries. The scammers have been running this sly...Read Full Article

NIU Warns its Employees about Phishing Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for December 09, 2016 reported on 21st January, 2014 stating that employees of Northern Illinois University (NIU), DeKalb (Illinois, US) have been warned of fraudulent emails which they may receive...Read Full Article

Spammers Manage in Evading Anti-Spam Software, Finds Cisco
*Spam Filter Service News for December 1, 2016

Cisco the networking company has just published its Yearly Security Report for 2015 according to which, spammers are well bypassing spam filters with diversified efforts across many Internet Protocol addresses, thus reported dated January 20, 2015...Read Full Article

Patrons of Bank of America Hit by Phishing Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for November 22, 2016 reported on 21st January, 2015 stating that customers of Bank of America (North Carolina, US) are being targeted once again by cyber-crooks with a phishing email campaign...Read Full Article

BBB and Police Warns About Fake Emails Targeting Parents
*Spam Filter Service News for November 14, 2016 reported on 20th January, 2015 stating that Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Greensboro Police (North Carolina, US) are sending a strong message to Internet users asking them to look for a new email scheme targeting parents...Read Full Article

Scammers Vehemently Perform Phishing on LinkedIn Accounts
*Spam Filter Service News for November 10, 2016

Symantec the security company warns of scammers who keep on vehemently targeting social-networking websites for different purposes, including digging out private credentials with which to compromise and access users' accounts such as they are doing...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail Scam Targets Users of
*Spam Filter Service News for October 26, 2016

Malwarebytes the cyber-security company has said that one offensive phishing e-mail scam is presently aiming at subscribers of thus possibly disturbing the total 400m people who're regular users of the non-chargeable...Read Full Article

Scam E-mails Related to Unpaid Tax Strike Washington’s Businesses and Citizens
*Spam Filter Service News for October 07, 2016

Scammers have yet pounced, this time, aiming businesses and citizens to whom they're dispatching fake e-mails directing that they should clear tax payment of the amount due to the state, published...Read Full Article

Users of Yahoo Targeted by Phishing Email Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for September 19, 2016 published news during second week of December 2014 quoting a warning of security firm Bitdefender as "Yahoo users are being targeted by a new phishing email campaign which helps hackers to seize their credentials and hijack...Read Full Article

Phishing Email Campaign Targets Users of Google
*Spam Filter Service News for September 09, 2016 published a recent report revealed by security pundits in third week of December, 2014 stating that a phishing campaign is targeting users of mail service from Google which is masquerading across the Internet during mid December 2014 and targeted innocent patrons...Read Full Article

Scam E-mails Supposedly from Philadelphia Parking Authority Circulating
*Spam Filter Service News for August 15, 2016

Officials of the Parking Authority of Philadelphia have requested people for being aware about fake e-mails, which presently circulating, are targeting local Internauts, revealed dated December...Read Full Article

Purchase Notification E-mail Supposedly from Apple Phishes Information off Consumers
*Spam Filter Service News for July 8, 2016

Scam e-mails are circulating that posing as messages from Apple notify consumers that they've bought TomTom, one kind of GPS for motorcars' navigation system, available at Apple's store, published dated December...Read Full Article

APS Cautions about Scam E-mails Targeting its Patrons
*Spam Filter Service News for June 24, 2016

APS (Arizona Public Service) is cautioning its customers for being more vigilant during the current vacation time regarding the way they're letting others know their financial as well as other personal information, published...Read Full Article

LG Electronics Consumers Become Target of New Phishing Scam, Caution Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News for May 27, 2016

Users of LG Electronics may receive certain windfall gain notification from the company in one latest phishing e-mail scam; warn security researchers, thus reported in news on December 4, 2014.Curiously, the phishing electronic mail's 'From' address contains the top-level domain (TLD) .edu that's for exclusive...Read Full Article

Spam Propagates Faster from Hacked E-mail, Find Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News for May 13, 2016

According to researchers, junk e-mails propagate faster if they're distributed from compromised or what can be hacked electronic mail accounts, so published, November 28, 2014.Security investigators Kathleen Carley and Ghita Mezzour belonging to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA situated Carnegie Mellon University conducted a research, which was...Read Full Article

Security Experts Warn that New PayPal Scam Emails Target Innocent Users
*Spam Filter Service News for April 20, 2016 published news on 20th November, 2014 quoting a warning of security experts as "cybercriminals have started a fake campaign to harvest a global online payment giant PayPal credentials and are delivering fake emails to users."The email entitles as "Receipt for your payment to Apple Store Australia" and the body of the email...Read Full Article

Higher Education Becoming Victims of Spear-Phishing Assaults
*Spam Filter Service News for April 4, 2016

REN-ISAC (Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center) a vital element of the plan for higher education aimed at enhancing network security, of late, issued an advisory which states that advanced spear-phishing assaults are increasingly targeting universities' administrators and faculty members...Read Full Article

Vanderbilt University Once Again Confronts Phishing Attack
*Spam Filter Service News for March 15, 2016

Hackers recently executed one dangerous phishing scam on the e-mail users of Vanderbilt (Nashville, Tennessee, USA), cautioned officials of VUIT (Vanderbilt University Information Technology) that published in news on November 10, 2014.As early as 4:53a.m on 8th November, 2014, an internal electronic mail A/C of Vanderbilt seemingly...Read Full Article

Iron County Alerts Residents about Fraudulent E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for February 22, 2016

The Utah, USA situated Iron County residents are being cautioned from their Sheriff's Office that a scam e-mail, currently in circulation, is targeting them, published dated November 13, 2014.The Office, in one press release, informed that the fake electronic mail tells its recipient that there's one overdue arrest warrant on him...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Continue to be Astonishingly Effective
*Spam Filter Service News for February 9, 2016

Google in its new security report shows how phishing electronic mails - bulk messages which impersonate some lawful entity but that really take onto a fake online site - continue to prove surprisingly effective in invading Internet accounts. Sometimes such phishing messages manage success at as high a rate as 45%, states Google and reported...Read Full Article

Facebook Hit with Phishing Scam Designed for Stealing Account Credentials
*Spam Filter Service News for January 21, 2016

According to security researchers, cyber-criminals are running one new phishing e-mail scam that tries to grab the Facebook credentials of a large number of users, reported dated November 10, 2014.The phishing e-mail that poses as a formal notification from Facebook tells the recipient that he'll be unable to access...Read Full Article

AppRiver Spotted Two Separate Phishing Campaigns Impersonating Amazon
*Spam Filter Service News for January 11, 2016

Web and email security researchers of AppRiver have intercepted two types of phishing emails targeting innocent customers of the e-commerce giant Amazon and both contain Trojan malware which collect email credentials, banking login details and social media information. The first campaign impersonated as notifications from entitled: Your Amazon Order Has...Read Full Article

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