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Fresh Phishing Scam Masquerades as ‘Windows Outlook,’ Warn Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News for December 30, 2015

Security researchers warn that a phishing e-mail posing as a message from "Windows Outlook" notifies recipients there's a virus known as C93 in their mailbox, published dated November 5, 2014. However, to eliminate all viral bugs and trojans from the supposedly infected users' accounts, the e-mail directs recipients to follow one given web-link and perform a...Read Full Article

New Spam Tactic Leverages Hijacked .edu Websites for Proliferating Zeus
*Spam Filter Service News for December 10, 2015

According to PhishMe the security company, one fresh spam mail run is leveraging hijacked .edu domains as it disseminates the notorious banker Trojan ZeuS. Senior Researcher Ronnie Tokazowski from PhishMe explains that the spam mails in their new trick serve malicious program via certain university domain. The idea is to exploit universities' trustworthiness involved in...Read Full Article

Spammers Disseminate Free Pizza Voucher E-mails for Filling up Asprox Botnet
*Spam Filter Service News for November 21, 2015

According to Cloudmark the security company, cyber-criminals are distributing spam mails, offering coupons to buy pizza for free, while trying to infect more PCs to be added to the notorious botnet Asprox, also called Kuluz. People may assume that no one would believe free coupons for pizza were available, yet the current scam appears so real that it could dupe even...Read Full Article

Spam Mails about Bogus Money Transfer Increasing
*Spam Filter Service News for October 30, 2015

According to Symantec the security company, its researchers have lately found a rise in spam mails that are requests for wire transfer which executives and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of alleged organizations are sending to staff members of their finance departments. A large number of e-mails have been intercepted which advise the recipients...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Targeting Microsoft Accountholders
*Spam Filter Service News for October 21, 2015

Security researchers have just warned about scam e-mails, which asserting as being sent from Microsoft while notifying Internauts that they will soon have their accounts terminated, are spreading widely, published dated October 29, 2014. Many Internauts continue to believe this kind of ruse that asks for immediate action by...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Target Students of Miami University
*Spam Filter Service News for October 14, 2015

Scammers are distributing fake e-mails pretending to be messages from Oxford, Ohio, USA based Miami University as they strike the mailboxes of students of the University, published dated October 21, 2014. Asking that students require confirming own passwords, the malicious electronic mail provides a web-link to follow but actually diverts...Read Full Article

A Phishing Email Campaign Recently Exploited Dropbox
*Spam Filter Service News for October 2, 2015

According to security firm Symantec, file storage service of Dropbox was employed for a tricky phishing campaign although the service (referring to Dropbox) was quick to shut it down. The scam consists an email entitled "Important" notifying that the recipient has he has been dispatched a document which is too huge to be electronically emailed or cannot be...Read Full Article

Asprox Botnet Distributing Spam Mails Promising Gift Card at Zero Cost
*Spam Filter Service News for September 24, 2015

According to a warning by security researchers, the notorious botnet Asprox is being used for distributing spam mails that pledge recipients can access one gift card without paying anything, published dated October 16, 2014. The spam mail claims that the recipient has been sent one $20 worth Card eGift of Starbucks from AT&T which he can access by clicking...Read Full Article

Scam Emails Impersonating Chase Online Attacks Customers
*Spam Filter Service News for September 11, 2015 reported on 9th October, 2014 quoting a recent warning of security experts as "Phishing emails impersonating Chase Online are presently targeting innocent users. "This is perhaps one of the oldest swindling tricks in the history of phishing but it could make many victims with cyber attacks affecting JP Morgan Chase.The phishing email informs...Read Full Article

Illinois AG Cautions about Scam E-mails Surrounding Ebola
*Spam Filter Service News for September 2, 2015

According to Lisa Madigan Attorney General of Illinois, e-mail scams are being launched that deal with outbreaks of the Ebola virus, published dated October 10, 2014. One kind of lethal and uncommon virus, Ebola when contracts a human being causes internal and external bleeding. The virus' pandemic outbreak is occurring within...Read Full Article

Scam E-mails Purporting to be from American Red Cross Target Internauts
*Spam Filter Service News for August 26, 2015

Scam e-mails posing as messages from the humanitarian organization known all over the world as American Red Cross are presently circulating online while hitting unwitting inhabitants, published dated October 6, 2014. The fake e-mail claims that the recipient can get employed to one high salaried post at the American Red Cross via completing...Read Full Article

Bogus E-mails Pretending to be Viber Circulating
*Spam Filter Service News for August 14, 2015

According to security researchers, an e-mail posing as Viber the messaging service's communication has been detected circulating as it attempts at duping unwitting Internauts, reported dated September 30, 2014. People who're recipients of the bogus electronic mail would find a message that there's one missed call they require taking as they're also prompted to...Read Full Article

Apple the Sole Global Brand Getting ‘Phished’ Most Frequently
*Spam Filter Service News for July 24, 2015

APWG recently conducted a survey according to which, phishing attacks are targeted on Apple as the sole brand with the maximum number of incidences globally. phishing is the hacking technique which tries to so dupe Internauts that they would willingly disclose their credentials to the cyber-thieves. APWG estimates, Apple (creator of iPhone) was targeted in 17% of the...Read Full Article

Scam Emails Impersonating IC3 on the Roll
*Spam Filter Service News for July 8, 2015 published a report on 25th September, 2014 stating that Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in US backed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI has issued advisory warning that email fraudsters are emulating it to extract money from innocent punters. Besides the FBI, the IC3 is also supported by the National White Collar Crime Center...Read Full Article

Online Trust Alliance Finds Only 10% of Retailers Complying CAN-Spam Act
*Spam Filter Service News for June 16, 2015 reported on 18th September, 2014 quoting Online Trust Alliance as "one of the 10 world's largest online retailers are still violating the CAN-SPAM Act, acronym for 'Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003' even after 10 years of implementation of the US anti-spam legislation. "Online Trust Alliance...Read Full Article

Locals of Central Texas Attacked with Fake USPS Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for May 5, 2015 reported in the second week of September 2014 stating that many residents in Central Texas, a region in the U.S. State of Texas, have received fake emails impersonating US Postal Service which is the country's official postal agency. The email said that USPS could not deliver the parcel to address and asked customers to click on a link...Read Full Article

BBB Warns About Emails Purporting to be from Courier Companies
*Spam Filter Service News for April 28, 2015 reported on 23rd September, 2014 stating that The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is cautioning consumers about a nasty phishing email scam emulating package delivery enterprises that rocks the United States every year embezzling millions of dollars from bank accounts of people...Read Full Article

University of Akron Warns About Phishing Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for April 22, 2015 reported on 22nd September, 2014 stating that the University of Akron (Ohio, US) warned people via email not to click a phishing email which is presently targeting them. The fake emails entitled "Dear Email Account User" tell the recipient that the storage limit assigned to his mailbox has exceeded its range due...Read Full Article

McAfee says that Business Email Users Fail to Identify Phishing Scams
*Spam Filter Service News for April 16, 2015

Security firm McAfee has warned that four-fifths of business email users are not able to identify phishing scams making the enterprise vulnerable to cyber crime. According to McAfee Labs Threats Report: August 2014, 79% of business users , who were subjected to McAfee phishing Quiz, failed to detect at least one scam containing malicious...Read Full Article

Rev. Dyson Encounters Hacking of her E-mail
*Spam Filter Service News for April 10, 2015

Rev. Beth Wheatley-Dyson belonging to Hanover, Massachusetts, USA situated St. Andrews Church expressed anguish when she learnt that her parishioners received unexpected e-mails from her account stating she was precariously stuck inside Turkey while facing dire trouble, reported, September 3, 2014. The spurious e-mails stated that she required...Read Full Article

Phishing Campaign Strikes University of Toledo
*Spam Filter Service News for March 30, 2015 reported on 10th September, 2014 stating that usage of the age-old technique of phishing by scammers are evolving and they have lately targeted the University of Toledo (UT) based in Toledo, Ohio, United States. The latest form of social engineering or phishing seems to target both staff and students through email since last few months...Read Full Article

Botnet Being Used to Malign More iCloud Security - Symantec
*Spam Filter Service News for March 19, 2015

Symantec, a security vendor, confirms the news of iCloud users being targeted with a botnet after the theft of photos of celebrities from their accounts of iCloud and leaking them online. Recently, there was a news of theft of nude photographs from the iCloud accounts of many female actresses and models by hackers and leaked some of them on public...Read Full Article

Scam E-mails Delivering ‘Peter Pan Virus’ Circulating
*Spam Filter Service News for March 04, 2015

BH Live of UK is warning of the now described "Peter Pan virus" following numerous Internauts getting a scam electronic mail telling they'd bought tickets for certain pantomime show to be held within Bournemouth (England) during the approaching Christmas, published, September 8, 2014. It maybe noted that pantomime is a kind of performance...Read Full Article

Incapsula - Semalt Botnet Spreading Strongly Across the Web
*Spam Filter Service News for February 16, 2015

Security researchers of security firm Incapsula warn that the "Semalt" botnet is spreading quickly over the Internet. The security vendor says that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) set up has "unscrupulous" activities being referred as a spam campaign and it has caused concern to several website owners. Semalt apparently ignoring directives of "robots.txt" and...Read Full Article

Westport Police Warn Locals about Phishing Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for February 3, 2015 reported on 28th August, 2014 stating that Westport Police are warning residents of Westport to be cautious of a scam email purporting to be from the Westport Town, Connecticut, New York City, US designed to steal credit-card data. Westport Police came to know about the case on 28th August, 2014 when a resident called them to inquire...Read Full Article

Phishers Target UT Libraries for Attack
*Spam Filter Service News for January 26, 2015

A cyber-criminal utilized Libraries interface of University of Texas (UT) along with one fake e-mail id for running personalized phishing assault impacting the US school's students, published dated August 28, 2014. The assault was first known when on 13th August 2014 the University of Texas at Austin Police Department (UTPD) informed...Read Full Article

Phishing Email Scam Hits University of Memphis
*Spam Filter Service News for January 15, 2015 reported on 27th August, 2014 stating that the University of Memphis or U of M was founded in 1912 in Memphis, Tennessee, US recently became victim of phishing as many students received an email from the "help desk". is the domain of University of Memphis but this particular email did not contain that domain at all...Read Full Article

Kelihos Botnet Being Expanded, Warn Security Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News for January 8, 2015

According to security researchers, the Kelihos botnet is yet being expanded as cyber-criminals include more-and-more PCs into it; reported Help Net Security, August 25, 2014. A unique strategy is being tried: the bot-masters pretending to be programmers from Russian community make an appeal towards invoking the patriotic feeling of Russian users...Read Full Article

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