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New Phishing Campaign Seeks Account Credentials of Apple Users
*Spam Filter Service News for December 29, 2014

According to security researchers, cyber-criminals are unyielding as they keep garnering account credentials related to various Internet services, and currently, they are executing a robust phishing e-mail scam aimed at users of Apple the software giant, reported dated August 22, 2014.Typically, the e-mails are spoofed and this time they impersonate...Read Full Article

Bitcoin Phishing Scam Hits Over 400 Businesses
*Spam Filter Service News for December 17, 2014

Proofpoint, the e-mail security company situated in California has just exposed one Bitcoin phishing scam that of late targeted over 400 organizations while attempting at deceiving end-users into giving away personal passwords of their Bitcoin purse.A minimum of 12,000 phishing e-mails were dispatched within dual outbreaks to the organizations belonging...Read Full Article

Scammers Exploiting Ebola Epidemic in Phishing Campaigns
*Spam Filter Service News for December 5, 2014

According to security firm Symantec, cyber crooks are now using new and innovative methods to compromise PCs as people have started to become more aware of common cyber attacks. One of the latest evolutions of attacks is infecting PCs with phishing emails consisting latest news around like Ebola virus epidemic which hit the news worldwide.Ebola is a viral...Read Full Article

Amazon Phishing E-mails Resurface to Hit Unwitting Internauts
*Spam Filter Service News for November 26, 2014

According to security researchers, phishing e-mails purporting to be from Amazon, an e-commerce firm of multinational stature and based in USA, have yet again surfaced as they strike unwitting Internauts, reports dated August 13, 2014.Displaying a header - "Congratulations! You Are the Winner of a Discount Coupon...Read Full Article

Universities of America Facing Threatening Phishing Email Campaigns
*Spam Filter Service News for November 20, 2014 reported on 13th August, 2014 stating that IT Security Office of the University of Texas or UT, a coeducational public university located in Texas, Tyler, United States, have urged its employees to be cautious of scam emails purporting to be from reported on 13th August, 2014 quoting an email from Chris...Read Full Article

Scam E-mail Announcing Arrest Warrant Targeting US Internauts
*Spam Filter Service News for November 12, 2014

A scam electronic mail has been detected circulating all over USA telling recipients they're about to be arrested, reported during the end-week of July 2014.Telling that there's an arrest warrant the e-mail sender has got against the e-mail recipient's name, the message requests that the user call fast prior to the filing...Read Full Article

Malwarebytes says that New Phishing Email Campaign Targets Users of Facebook
*Spam Filter Service News for November 3, 2014

Security firm Malwarebytes says that a new phishing scam purporting to be from Facebook has been spotted which is trying to steal login credentials for the Facebook account and email account of the user.Jovi Umawing, Researcher with Malwarebytes, discovered that the message contains a link which purports to direct to a Facebook...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail Scam Strikes Employees of Duke University
*Spam Filter Service News for October 22, 2014

One fresh Internet scam has hit employees of Durham, North Carolina, USA based Duke University, reported in news on July 22, 2014.Looking extremely real, the scam distributes one fake e-mail pretending to be a Duke Human Resources...Read Full Article

Experts Warn that Users of iTunes being Targeted by Fresh Phishing Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for October 16, 2014 reported on 16th July, 2014 quoting a warning by security experts as 'spammers are presently running a campaign of phishing email targeting dupe users of iTunes software of giant Apple. 'The fake email entitled "Important message...Read Full Article

An Old Man of Prescott Valley Loses More Than $8,700 in Scam Email
*Spam Filter Service News for October 8, 2014 reported on 17th July, 2014 stating a warning by authorities after a man from Prescott Valley, Yavapai County, Arizona, US lost more than 8,700USD through a scam email involving a female who claimed to be stranded in Nigeria...Read Full Article

Experts Warned Users of LinkedIn of a New Phishing Email Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for October 2, 2014 reported on 14th July, 2014 quoting a warning by experts as "A new phishing email campaign tries to steal credentials of users of LinkedIn. "The credentials of these accounts are more valuable than Facebook users because...Read Full Article

East Texans Warned of Scam Emails Impersonating Texas Bank and Trust
*Spam Filter Service News for September 24, 2014 reported on 12th July, 2013 that Longview Police department, Texas, US is warning East Texans about a fake email targeting Texas Bank and Trust customers.Texas Bank and Trust customers and employees are getting emails...Read Full Article

Dynamo’s Blog Warns: Fake Emails Impersonating EFTPS Reaching Internet Users Once Again
*Spam Filter Service News for September 15, 2014 on 10th July, 2013 quoted Dynamo's Blog that a new tax-themed malware-ridden spam email campaign impersonating US's Electronic Federal tax Payment System (EFTPS) is currently targeting Internauts...Read Full Article

Spammers Constantly Trying to Infiltrate Websites, Observed by Security Expert
*Spam Filter Service News for September 4, 2014 quoted Jerome Segur, a Senior Researcher at Malwarebytes on 9th July, 2013 that spammers are becoming increasingly craftier at infiltrating websites.As per Segura, some spammers have sneaked past...Read Full Article

Travel Plan E-mails Spoof Expedia, Caution Security Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News for August 25, 2014

Security researchers are alerting Internauts about fake itinerary e-mails posing as communication sent from Expedia the travel booking agency, published dated July 9, 2013.The e-mail, displaying a header...Read Full Article

AppRiver Spots 13bn Spam Mails, 171m Virus-Laced Junk E-mails during H1-2013
*Spam Filter Service News for August 15, 2014

AppRiver the provider of web security and e-mail messaging solutions, of late, published its 2013 first half or H1-2013 Global Threatscape Report that states that when the company screened a total of fifteen billion e-mails, it found 13bn...Read Full Article

Spam Mails Supposedly from Fox News Deliver Malicious Software
*Spam Filter Service News for August 8, 2014

Websense the security company warns about cyber-crooks who're attempting at duping Internet-users into downloading malware that steals information, by distributing fake news reports in e-mails which supposedly arrive from Fox News...Read Full Article

Spam Mails Luring to Bogus OS, Browser Survey Spotted
*Spam Filter Service News for August 4, 2014

Security researchers recently found a spate of spam mails crafted for enticing end-users towards accessing one fake operating system and browser questionnaire through an online survey. The spammers, with this, actually want to so deceive...Read Full Article

FBI Cautions about Increasing Spear Phishing Assaults
*Spam Filter Service News for July 28, 2014

FBI has cautioned Internet users that online-criminals have been observed unleashing spear phishing assaults at an increasing rate towards hijacking systems of inter-connected PCs installed at organizations of a number of industry...Read Full Article

Scammers Exploit Google’s Fifteen Years of Establishment through E-mail Fraud
*Spam Filter Service News for July 21, 2014

According to security researchers, as Google the popular search engine marks its 15th annum since launch, cyber-criminals are using the opportunity for celebrating in their own way by exploiting the name within an e-mail scam, reports...Read Full Article

BCSO Cautions Residents about Bogus FedEx-Spoofed E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for July 18, 2014

Panama City, Florida (USA)-based Office of Bay County Sheriff (BCSO) has issued an alert to the general public for carefully handling any e-mail that claims as being sent from FedEx, globally known as the elite shipment delivery firm, published The News Herald...Read Full Article

Avast Detects Spam Mails Abusing Popularity of Facebook
*Spam Filter Service News for July 14, 2014

Researchers at Avast the security company recently discovered an intriguing bulk e-mail scam that's distributing malware by cashing in on Facebook's popularity.The attack begins by dispatching e-mails captioned "Hi your Facebook account is...Read Full Article

Two Romanian Phishers Imprisoned by US Federal Court
*Spam Filter Service News for July 9, 2014

Bogdan Boceanu, 30 and Andrei Bolovan 29 are two Romanians who have been imprisoned for 80, and 27 months respectively, for their involvement in a huge phishing scam that hit users of eBay and many financial companies, reported on...Read Full Article

Yahoo Users are Targeted by Phishing E-mail Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for May 9, 2014

A new phishing email attack is currently trying to con Yahoo users into handling over their account details, warn researchers with Zscaler ThreatLabz.The email has a spoofed FROM address ( with title: "Last warning!! Update Now".The text of the phony...Read Full Article

BBB gets Complained about Phishing E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for May 2, 2014

BBB (Better Business Bureau) running under New York, US based Upstate recently got numerous phone-calls regarding a malicious e-mail campaign masquerading as BBB and asserting that certain BBB complaint was struck against the recipient. The e-mail...Read Full Article

False E-mails Confirming Order for TV with Amazon Target Innocent Internauts
*Spam Filter Service News for April 29, 2014

BitDefender the security company has reported of genuine-appearing order substantiation e-mails during the end-week of May 2013 that seemingly arrived from the popular Internet retail shop about a 55-inch television, and hit Internauts randomly...Read Full Article

Message Claiming Facebookers Account is Currently Locked Targets the Website Users
*Spam Filter Service News for April 21, 2014

An incorrect warning telling Internauts that their account is currently locked is currently targeting Facebookers, as reported by on May 29, 2013.The message claims that the warning has been issued to all, and the recipient of the email is told...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail Imitating Facebook Security Target Users
*Spam Filter Service News for April 8, 2014

Facebook security has intended to launch a Phishing email is again hitting inboxes of user's and they time they want to achieve for the big fish: pages are suitable to have followers more than that in private user, warns experts, published net-security...Read Full Article

FTC Warns Internet-users about Green Card Sweepstake Phishing Messages
*Spam Filter Service News for April 4, 2014

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) lately declared a particular lottery event's outcomes namely the DV or Diversity Visa Lottery. However, the commission simultaneously cautioned people for remaining cautious of scam e-mails related to the Green Card...Read Full Article

Sophos Warns of Spam Mails Impersonating Tiffany’s & Co.
*Spam Filter Service News for March 27, 2014

According to Sophos the security company, spam mails carrying malicious software and posing as communication from Tiffany's & Co., the globally renowned jewelers, are presently circulating online.Displaying a caption, "Invoice copy" and...Read Full Article

Walmart Consumers Being Targeted with Phishing E-mail
*Spam Filter Service News for March 21, 2014

The multinational retail chain of USA, Walmart lately cautioned customers to remain watchful about one fresh phishing e-mail scam that posed as coming from it, so published, May 16, 2013.Captioned as "Thanks for your Full Article

HSBC First Direct Subscribers Alerted to Fake E-mail Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for March 18, 2014

Clients of First Direct, an HSBC Bank unit, which facilitates Internet-based and telephone retail banking, have been urged for being vigilant of dubious e-mails, presently circulating online, published dated...Read Full Article

Cyber-crooks Compromise FOX21 News’ E-mail Server
*Spam Filter Service News for March 13, 2014

Cyber-criminals, around 4th-5th of May 2013, hacked into FOX21 News' e-mail server, reports Help Net Security dated May 7, 2013.It maybe noted that FOX21 runs under 20th Century Fox as a production arm for reality TV shows, is a film studio...Read Full Article

Pushdo Malware and Cutwail Botnet are Back
*Spam Filter Service News for March 03, 2014

Since 2008, four times, technology firms and authorities have taken down the prolific Pushdo and Cutwail spam botnet. Yet it keeps resurrecting for more, as per security researchers, as published by dated May 15, 2013.In the beginning...Read Full Article

Scam E-mails Carrying Malware Masquerade as Citibank Paymentech
*Spam Filter Service News for Feb 27, 2014

Security companies and many websites posting advisories on scams have cautioned Internauts of fake e-mails carrying malware which pose as Citibank Paymentech messages, published dated May 7, 2013.Bearing a header...Read Full Article

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