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Spam Mails Increased Significantly during Q1-2013, Reports Commtouch
*Spam Filter Service News for Dec 13, 2013

Commtouch the provider of cloud-based security software recently declared its Internet Threats Trend Report for Q1-2013, emphasizing that there's been an enormous increase in unsolicited and perilous electronic mails during the...Read Full Article

Regions Bank are Targeted by Phishing Email Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for Dec 5, 2013

Customers of Region Bank, Birmingham (Alabama, US), are presently targeted by phishing email scam that's made to con them into handling over their individual and financial information, reported on May 2, 2013.With subject...Read Full Article

Solera Networks: Malicious Spam E-mails Reporting ‘Confirmation’
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 28, 2013

Spam messages declaring to link an invoice, shopping receipt, airline ticket, or any other type of verification document was the prominent type of malware distribution in April 2013, Solera Networks on April 30, 2013...Read Full Article

A Spam Campaign Imitating PayPal Launched by Amerika, says Dynamoo’s Blog
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 25, 2013

A fresh PayPal, the world renowned e-payment service, themed spam email operation initiated by Amerika Crew, a group of cybercriminals that's supposed to be behind a number of spam campaigns executed to attract Internauts to websites serving...Read Full Article

Scam E-Mails Pledging Cash and Motorcar Circulating Online
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 22, 2013

E-mail posing as message from BMW the motorcar manufacturer announcing a cash prize along with one fabulous new BMW for the e-mail recipient within what's claimed as certain international promotion scheme that the manufacturer was...Read Full Article

Spam Mails Abuse Mother’s Day on the Internet
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 18, 2013

BitDefender is warning of spam mails themed around Mother's Day (coming 12th May 2013), as circulating online while attacking unwitting Internauts through their mailboxes.It maybe noted that during Mother's Day numerous people...Read Full Article

Users Bewared Suspected Phishing Email Attacks, Living Social Site Hacked
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 15, 2013

Security experts are urging Living Social website users to be careful of phishing emails sent out by unscrupulous third parties in the response of a latest online attack on its system that has lead in the data of 50 million of the website's users...Read Full Article

Spam Amounts Represented Increase during February then Stability during March 2013, Reports Kaspersky
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 12, 2013

'The Spam in March 2013 Report,' which Kaspersky Lab the security company prepared and released recently, reveals an enormous rise in spam traffic during February 2013 followed with a stabilization of junk e-mails that leveled at 70.1 percentage...Read Full Article

Symantec’s ISTR Claims that Targeted Attacks Surged in 2012
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 8, 2013

Internauts are experiencing less junk emails but far more targeted attacks, as accords to statistics compiled by security firm Symantec in its' recently launched Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2013, Volume 18.An analysis...Read Full Article

Spammers Start Campaigns Exploiting Boston Marathon Blasts
*Spam Filter Service News for Nov 4, 2013

Soon as people across the globe came to know about the bomb blasts at the marathon race in Boston on 15th April, 2013, Kaspersky the security company issued an alert urging Internauts for being wary of malicious campaigns designed...Read Full Article

Spam Evolving to Ever-Greater Risk, Finds Study
*Spam Filter Service News for Oct 31, 2013

According to AV-Test an independent security company, which has just published one study titled "Spam-More Dangerous that Ever Before," while we now have the most advanced anti-spam software, the danger that such bulk...Read Full Article

Dr. Web Grabs Control of Backdoor Botnet from Cybercriminals
*Spam Filter Service News for Oct 28, 2013

Russian security firm Doctor Web has managed to take control of a botnet nicknamed BackDoor.Bulknet.739. At its peak the botnet had the potentiality to malign more than 100 computers per hour.The Trojan, as accords...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail Scam Hits UTSA
*Spam Filter Service News for Oct 24, 2013

Specialists from Avast warn students and employees at UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) of Texas, USA towards being careful with one cunningly-crafted phishing e-mail campaign that's currently circulating online, published...Read Full Article

Cyber-criminals send Scam E-mails Masquerading as any Service Provider
*Spam Filter Service News for Oct 11, 2013

Cyber-criminals apply different tricks for duping Internauts into giving away the credentials of their e-mail A/Cs. A latest one involves dispatching fraudulent e-mails posing as message from a random service provider, while asking receivers to answer...Read Full Article

Facebookers Targeted with Fresh Phishing Technique
*Spam Filter Service News for Sept 27, 2013

Trend Micro warns that cyber-criminals, by executing one fresh phishing e-mail campaign, are attacking members of Facebook.According to it (Trend Micro), the scam traps visitors of the social-networking website by posing as conducting one security check...Read Full Article

Spammers Misuse Google Translate for Evading Anti-spam Filters
*Spam Filter Service News for Sept 23, 2013

According to security researchers from Barracuda Labs, spammers in their latest ruse are using Google Translate to elude anti-spam filters.Dave Michmerhuizen, Research Scientist as well as Shawn Anderson, Engineer at Barracuda Labs draw attention to the fact...Read Full Article

Be Cautious of Scam ‘Google’ Email
*Spam Filter Service News for Sept 16, 2013

Internet users have been alarmed of an email in which scammers in the name of Internet giant, Google is trying to obtain all personal details from them, as said by dated March 30, 2013.The email, addressing Google Chief Executive...Read Full Article

Spam Mail Campaign Tricks with Wedding Invitation Bait
*Spam Filter Service News for Sept 10, 2013

Cyber-criminals don't ever appear drained of ideas towards tricking Internauts and making them install malicious programs, warns ThreatTrack Security Inc., a security company. A most recent malware-distributing spam mail campaign requests...Read Full Article

February 2013 Sees Most Cyber-attacks against Google Coming from Spammers
*Spam Filter Service News for Sept 6, 2013

Kaspersky Labs, which has lately published its report on February 2013 spam, highlights that Google fell to maximum attacks by spammers during February 2013. Precisely, during February, 'spammers' unleashed one bulk e-mail campaign...Read Full Article

Ramnit Bot Returns with Improved Anti-detection Capabilities: MMPC
*Spam Filter Service News for Sept 4, 2013

According to MMPC (Microsoft malware Protection Center), the creators of Botnet Ramnit - software used for filching victims' credentials and cookies as well as executing banking fraud - have overstepped the software's contamination...Read Full Article

Chameleon Botnet, Generator of Click Frauds, Steals $6m
*Spam Filter Service News for August 30, 2013

According to experts from security research and traffic-examining company, one new botnet known as Chameleon is actively pilfering over $6m every month via generation of bogus user-clicks on advertisement websites...Read Full Article

Bitdefender Warns Internet Users on Fake Bank of America Campaigns
*Spam Filter Service News for August 26, 2013

Security firm, Bitdefender is alarming Internauts on the numerous scam e-mails dispersed by the Bank of America since a random hacker disclosed the details on the financial institute.According to one of the e-mails, titled...Read Full Article

“Express Shipment Notification” Junk Messages Circulating Online
*Spam Filter Service News for August 23, 2013

Sophos the security company cautions that spam mails bearing an all-time familiar title "Express Shipment Notification" have been spotted on the Internet.Graham Cluley, senior security technology consultant at Sophos explains...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail for Grabbing Account Login Details within Google Documents
*Spam Filter Service News for August 20, 2013

According to MX Lab, security researchers have detected phishing e-mails that are designed to obtain login credentials of victims' e-mail accounts within the layout of Google Docs apparently through one request for supplying...Read Full Article

AOL Subscribers Warned of Fresh Phishing E-mail Scam
*Spam Filter Service News for August 16, 2013

Security researchers are cautioning about one fresh phishing e-mail scam that aims at American Online (AOL) subscribers, thus published dated March 15, 2013.It maybe noted that a US-based worldwide...Read Full Article

Majority Attacks Posed on US Companies Originate from US
*Spam Filter Service News for August 12, 2013

The recently released Global Threat Intelligence Report by Security solutions provider, Solutionary, while claim holds true against China and other countries to be behind a large number of cyberattacks against...Read Full Article

US Army CID Bewares Internet Users of E-mail Phishing Scam
*Spam Filter Service News for August 7, 2013

Cyber criminals are trying to replicate members of the US Army Criminals Investigation Command via e-mail, claiming that they are from the "office of the Division of Criminal Investigation," when...Read Full Article

Malicious E-mails Imitating EFTPS Presently Targeting Taxpayers
*Spam Filter Service News for August 1, 2013

MX Labs is bewaring internet users about malicious e-mails supposing from the US Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).Notably, EFTPS IS A System for giving federal taxes electronically using the internet...Read Full Article

Internauts are Cautious about Bogus E-mail Impersonating Delta Airlines
*Spam Filter Service News for July 29, 2013

Internauts are suggested to neglect opening files attached to doubtful-looking scam e-mail that seems to be coming from Delta Airlines, said on March 6, 2013.Titled as "Your electronic...Read Full Article

LogMeIn Subscribers Cautioned about Phishing E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for July 23, 2013

According to MX Lab a security research company in Belgium, LogMeIn subscribers have been asked for being vigilant about phishing e-mails supposedly from the organization.It maybe noted that the public company LogMeIn...Read Full Article

Fake E-mails Purport to be from Microsoft DCU, says Sophos
*Spam Filter Service News for July 17, 2013

Sophos, the security company, has highlighted that Microsoft is alerting all Internauts towards being watchful of one fraudulent electronic mail asserting it has been sent from the DCU (Digital Crimes Unit) of Microsoft...Read Full Article

Bogus Employment Opportunities Advertised through Spam Mails; Dynamoo Blog
*Spam Filter Service News for July 12, 2013

Dynamoo's blog is cautioning Internauts for being watchful of bogus employment opportunities presented through spam mails, as reported dated 1st March 2013.Displaying a title "There is a vacancy of a Regional...Read Full Article

ACH Purported Fake E-mails Notify Completed Transaction
*Spam Filter Service News for July 8, 2013

According to researchers from BitDefender the security company, Internauts require being wary about fraudulent e-mails that come as notifications from ACH (Automated Clearing House) telling that certain transaction process...Read Full Article

Drop Box Users Report getting Spam Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for June 28, 2013

Dropbox, a famous cloud storage website is observing a resurgence of users complaining about spam received a Drop box particular email addresses, published dated March 1, 2013."I have an email address that contains 10 random...Read Full Article

Trustwave Warns Internauts about the Bogus Notifications Imitating the Firm
*Spam Filter Service News for June 21, 2013

Security firm, Trustwave is bewaring naïve users to be attentive of the counterfeit notifications that seem to be coming from the company.Titled as "Trust Keeper PCI Scam Notification," the fake e-mails...Read Full Article

Fake ADP Notification E-mail Distributes Malware
*Spam Filter Service News for June 12, 2013

MX Lab a security company based in Belgium has detected one fresh e-mail campaign that distributes Trojan under the heading "ADP TotalSource Automated Payroll Invoice Notification...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Purporting to be from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Circulating
*Spam Filter Service News for June 6, 2013

Phishing e-mails posing as messages sent from Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are presently circulating online while aiming at unwitting Internet users...Read Full Article

Phishing Scam Hits users of Yahoo! and BT Yahoo!
*Spam Filter Service News for May 30, 2013

Security specialists are cautioning users of British Telecom (BT) Yahoo! as well as the usual Yahoo! Mail for being vigilant of fake notifications wherein they are directed for confirming their account details, thus...Read Full Article

Purdue University are Now Targeted by Phishing E-mail Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for May 24, 2013

A phishing e-mail is presently masquerading and aiming students, faculty, and staff of Purdue University (US), the claimed the University officials, as reported...Read Full Article

Labor and Industry Department Cautions Montanan Employers about Phishing Scams
*Spam Filter Service News for May 18, 2013

The Department of Labor and Industry at Montana (USA) has issued an alert to employers that one e-mail scam is circulating online soliciting information related to salary as well as separation information of erstwhile employees...Read Full Article

Spam E-mail Campaign Masquerading Delta Airlines
*Spam Filter Service News for May 13, 2013

In an attempt to distribute pieces of malware, a reputed Swiss security blog has reported of a spam e-mail campaign leveraging the name and reputation of Delta...Read Full Article

Fake IRS E-mails Serving Malware to Taxpayers, Cautions Dynamoo Blog
*Spam Filter Service News for May 10, 2013

Security researchers have issued many security warnings for Internauts regarding e-mail scams, which abuse Internal Revenue Service's name. A particular such e-mail fraud tries to dupe Internauts so they'll unwittingly...Read Full Article

Fake E-mails Camouflage the Renowned Citi Group Banking Institution
*Spam Filter Service News for May 7, 2013

BitDefender is asking Internauts for remaining watchful of false Citi Group notices that pose as messages from the 3rd biggest banking institution based within...Read Full Article

Phishers Steal Banking Credentials by Exploiting People’s Curiosity
*Spam Filter Service News for May 2, 2013

According to security researchers from Symantec the security company, there is one new phishing e-mail scam doing the rounds, tricking curious, probable victims so they will surrender personal...Read Full Article

University of Delaware Attacked by the Phishing Email Scams
*Spam Filter Service News for April 12, 2013

University of Delaware (UD) Information Technologies (IT) revealed that new phishing scams that modified the UD Community began arriving in UD inboxes recently, as published in on February...Read Full Article

Symantec and Microsoft Take Down Huge Botnet “Bamital”
*Spam Filter Service News for April 9, 2013

Symantec and Microsoft recently demolished 'Bamital,' one huge botnet executing click-fraud operations, with the network being into existence since 2009 in numerous versions, accumulating millions of USDs as false revenue for the bot-masters...Read Full Article

Phony StumbleUpon E-mails Used to Publicize Rogue Pharmacy Websites
*Spam Filter Service News for April 5, 2013

StumbleUpon, a discovery engine that catches web contents to its users are urged to be on the lookout for fake notification and bewared them about the changes made in their e-mail setting; published...Read Full Article

SCDCA Cautioning End-users about Phishing E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for April 3, 2013

SCDCA warns that online-scammers masquerading as the government organization OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) or credit monitoring firms are dispatching fraudulent, phishing e-mails while deceiving consumers into giving...Read Full Article Targeted with Spam Attack over the Internet
*Spam Filter Service News for March 29, 2013

As per Webroot a security company, an enormous spam attack is ongoing, masquerading as the well-known agency for Internet hotel reservations, as it attempts at persuading recipients to take down one file feigning to provide...Read Full Article

Fed-Ex targeted spam mails overwhelming inboxes
*Spam Filter Service News for March 21, 2013

FedEx clients have been continuously getting spam mails posing as messages from the worldwide service for courier; however, from 2013-beginning, Fed-Ex related malicious e-mail campaigns have gotten more plentiful compared to anytime earlier thus making Symantec and Webroot both security...Read Full Article

Botnet servers feature the maximum number in USA, states McAfee
*Spam Filter Service News for March 18, 2013

As per fresh statistics that McAfee the anti-virus agency recently released, USA is the country with the highest count of computers used to build botnets, worldwide...Read Full Article

Security Researchers Detect Fake ‘eFax Corporate’ Messages Online
*Spam Filter Service News for March 15, 2013

Cyber crooks are applying multiple social engineering tricks in combo for deceiving end-users into clicking on malware-laced e-mails, state researchers from Avira a security company. Actually, Avira's researchers have identified a wave of e-mails, which seem as arriving from Craiglist although dispatched through eFax Corporate...Read Full Article

Kaspersky Reveals E-mail Spam Traffic to Decline by 5-Year Low in 2012
*Spam Filter Service News for March 7, 2013

Spam e-mail traffic has declined comparatively throughout 2012 to strike a 5-year low, as per Kaspersky Lab data. The average spam trafficking in 2012 stands at 1.72, which was comparatively almost 8.2% less against 2011. Such an extended and considerable decline in spam levels is recorded...Read Full Article

BitDefender Cautions Employees about Spam Mails
*Spam Filter Service News for March 4, 2013

BitDefender the security company cautions office employees that they require being watchful of e-mails, which seemingly contain one confidential message meant for them alone. Specialists at the company inform that these e-mails have been crafted for disseminating certain malware that filches user passwords...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Target Indiana University
*Spam Filter Service News for February 28, 2013

Phishers are dispatching persuasive appearing e-mails to students, teachers as well as staff members of the Indiana University (IU) at Indiana, USA, so inform UITS (University Information Security) officers and which Full Article

EFTPS Related Scam E-mails Circulating, Cautions GFI Software
*Spam Filter Service News for February 26, 2013

According to the researchers from GFI Software a security company, Internet users require being aware of e-mails that claim to be messages from EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) of the Department of Treasury of United States...Read Full Article

Phishing Scam Hit UWF Students’ Mailboxes Last Semester
*Spam Filter Service News for February 23, 2013

Pensacola, Florida, USA-based UWF (University of West Florida), during the last semester, had students get mass electronic mails, which in reality were efforts towards executing a phishing e-mail scam, revealed officials at the university, according to dated...Read Full Article

Bot Herders Build Newer Versions of Previous Botnet Waledac
*Spam Filter Service News for February 22, 2013

According to investigators from Symantec the security company, even as law enforcement and security agencies pounced a few times on the notorious Waledac (also called Kelihos) bot-masters, the latter just won't surrender as they're employing fresh variants for establishing still newer networks of the earlier...Read Full Article

Phishing E-Mail Scam that Masquerades as Windows Live Team
*Spam Filter Service News for February 20, 2013

Security researchers from Sophos the security company caution Internet-users about being wary of fake e-mail notifications which seem as originating Windows Live Team...Read Full Article

Bogus LinkedIn Messages Speculate Work Comeback to Pollute Users with Trojans
*Spam Filter Service News for February 19, 2013

Malware authors are again using LinkedIn's popularity and users' social media engagement after the holidays, according to security firm, Bitdefender. Experts deemed that cybercriminals are depending on the truth that after the holiday off, many people are keen to reinforce their connections with the social media...Read Full Article

Spam Focusing on Amazon, PayPal and LinkedIn Subscribers
*Spam Filter Service News for February 15, 2013

According to GFI Software's just published December 2012 VIPRE Report, the most common malicious campaigns across the Internet during the month were spam sent to PayPal, LinkedIn and Amazon consumers while mobile Trojan malware campaigns camouflaged as Android...Read Full Article

Webroot Detects Spam Campaign Having Fake YouTube Link
*Spam Filter Service News for February 13, 2013

Security researchers from Webroot the security company warn that spammers are cheating unwitting Internauts into following false YouTube web-links which take onto a fake medicine site...Read Full Article

Gmail Update Account: Phishing Scam Target Users
*Spam Filter Service News for February 12, 2013

Other phishing scam that depends on the old "account update" theme is presently spreading, trying to con Gmail users into controlling their username and passwords on December 11, 2012...Read Full Article

MX Labs Cautions about Fake E-mails Masquerading as Air Canada
*Spam Filter Service News for February 10, 2013

According to researchers from MX Labs the security company, spam outbreaks, which abuse Air Canada's name and reputation have been detected presently circulating online and hitting inboxes...Read Full Article

Kaspersky Reveals Email Spam Traffic hits 5-Year Low
*Spam Filter Service News for February 8, 2013

Spam email traffic has declined comparatively throughout 2012 to strike a 5-year low, as per Kaspersky Lab data. The average spam trafficking in 2012 stands at 1.72, which was comparatively almost 8.2% less against 2011. Such an extended and considerable decline...Read Full Article

Cyber-thieves Distributing Fake Chrome Updates
*Spam Filter Service News for February 6, 2013

Google has just released its Chrome browser's upgrade that opened opportunity to cyber-criminals for creating fake updates which they're tricking end-users to install in anticipation of filching their Internet-banking credentials, cautions GFI Software, the security company...Read Full Article

Banks Seeking Aid on Iranian Cyber Attacks
*Spam Filter Service News for February 4, 2013

The banking majors in the US are pushing the government to aid them in smashing a long-term Iranian campaign of cyber attacks against American financial institutions, as reported in on January 15, 2013...Read Full Article

New Spam EMail Supposedly from US Airways Push Malware
*Spam Filter Service News for February 1, 2013

According to an alert by Webroot the security company, cyber-criminals are distributing spam email claiming as confirmation of online-registration with the US Airways while duping Internauts into following malevolent web-links within one most recent spam campaign...Read Full Article

Government Backed Cyber Warfare will Persist during 2013
*Spam Filter Service News for January 11, 2013

Kaspersky the security company has just published its chief forecasts for 2013, according to which, the year will continue to have cyber-warfare that'll be government-backed. Last year (2012), researchers at Kaspersky Lab detected...Read Full Article

Spam Contribution in Total E-mail Falls
*Spam Filter Service News for January 9, 2013

Kaspersky the security company recently published its November Spam Report, which states that the total amount of junk messages within the entire e-mail traffic fell 5.1 points during the month, accounting for a mean 63%. Among this spam...Read Full Article

Citibank Clients Alerted of Phishing E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for January 7, 2013

A security alert has been issued to Citibank customers that spam hoax e-mails posing as communication from the financial institution are presently hitting inboxes, published dated December 15, 2012. Bearing the caption "Your Citi Credit statement is ready to...Read Full Article

Spam Mails Supposedly from FedEx Install Malware
*Spam Filter Service News for January 4, 2013

Security researchers from two security companies claim that a spam outbreak, which uses bogus FedEx notifications, is currently spreading malware, thus published dated December 6, 2012. In the spam campaign the e-mail recipients addressed as...Read Full Article

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