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Spam eMails Spoofing Parcel Shipping Firm yet again Detected
*Spam Filter Service News for November 23, 2012

Security experts are cautioning Internauts about hoax spam email posing as communication from USPS (United States Postal Service) presently circulating online, published Help Net Security dated November 6, 2012. The fake electronic mail asserts that one parcel, which the email...Read Full Article

Spam Campaign Distributing Malware Masquerades as DHL
*Spam Filter Service News for November 20, 2012

According to SophosLabs, one malware scam is spreading far-and-wide as it spams out e-mails pretending to be from DHL Express the global service for mail delivery. Captioned as "Processing complete successfully," the spam mails assert to be certain notification to...Read Full Article

Spam Email Imitating Twitter Dispersed Across the Internet
*Spam Filter Service News for November 18, 2012

Sophos warned about the presently circulating fraud email campaign on the internet purporting Twitter. In an attempt to include the latest format profile images, the e-mails invite the users towards updating their Twitter profile. Though in this case, the emails do not actually come from...Read Full Article

Phishing Spam Circulating to Grab Apple IDs from Apple Customers
*Spam Filter Service News for November 16, 2012

Websense the security company cautions Apple customers to remain vigilant of one fresh spam mail outbreak that is yet again targeting them to 'phish' them off their Apple usernames. The spam mail captioned "Apple ID Cancelled" tells that Apple has tentatively withdrawn the...Read Full Article

Fake ATT Notices are Actually Spam Phishing emails
*Spam Filter Service News for October 23, 2012

Spam emails posing as messages from ATT the telecommunications major while admonishing recipients that they must validate personal email accounts else lose access to them have been detected circulating online, informs Help Net Security in news dated...Read Full Article

Spam Email Promises iPad 2
*Spam Filter Service News for October 21, 2012

Spam emails posing as messages from Gmail are presently circulating online while asserting the recipient will get a prize of an iPad 2 from Apple; thus published dated September 19, 2012. Displaying a header "September 18th Notice," the spam emails quite possibly show...Read Full Article

Spam eMail Supposedly from Friends Family
*Spam Filter Service News for October 19, 2012

Recently social networking users have been getting messages that seemingly arrived from friends on the popular social site Facebook, however, the spam emails really displayed an unknown id inside their reply spaces; thus published nbcnews...Read Full Article

Google Subscribers Receive Fraudulent Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for October 17, 2012

According to security experts, spam mails posing as messages from The Google Accounts Team have been observed that alert of one "suspicious sign-in" as they hit the inboxes of Google subscribers, thus published Help Net Security dated...Read Full Article

Fresh Spam Campaign Circulating against PayPal Subscribers
*Spam Filter Service News for September 10, 2012

According to security researchers, a new spam phishing scam in the name of PayPal has been detected circulating online that's targeting innocent Internet-users. The spam mail regretfully states that the user's latest PayPal transaction couldn't be...Read Full Article

Spam Volumes Drop during Q2-2012, Reports Kaspersky
*Spam Filter Service News for September 8, 2012

Spam mails have declined in number during Q2-2012 i.e. between April and June 2012, claims Kaspersky the security company in its quarterly report of Q2-2012. The reason attributed, is the seasonal holiday e-mail spammers as also computer hackers have...Read Full Article

New Spam Campaign Involves AV Firms Email Ids
*Spam Filter Service News for September 6, 2012

According to researchers from Websense a security company, Internet criminals have started spoofing many renowned antivirus firms' e-mail ids to deceptively make unwitting Internauts take down one malevolent file after telling...Read Full Article

Spam Outbreak Masquerading as Facebook Notification
*Spam Filter Service News for September 5, 2012

Security researchers from Sophos the security company are cautioning Facebook members that they require being wary of a fresh spam campaign, which posing as being sent from the social networking website, is hitting their mailboxes. The e-mail...Read Full Article

Dropbox Investigating the Reason of Spamming It’s Users
*Spam Filtering Service News for August 6, 2012 published a report on 18th July, 2012 quoting the company saying Dropbox will exam the complaints of some European netizens' complaints against receiving spam emails that are in some way connected to their accounts...Read Full Article

Spam Email involves Fake Wire Rejection
*Spam Filtering Service News for August 5, 2012

Security researchers from Sophos the security company are cautioning users about false spam notifications regarding an abandoned wire transfer, reportedly targeting mailboxes across the globe, attempting at duping recipients into opening a malicious...Read Full Article

Nuclear Facility in Iran Hit by Computer Worm which Plays AC/DC Music
*Spam Filtering Service News for August 4, 2012

A report on 25th July, 2012 stating that Iran's nuclear plants have been hit by a computer worm which apparently plays an AC/DC song besides causing general havoc. Notably, AC/DC is a well known Australian rock band...Read Full Article

Facebook Users Scammed with “Instant Winners” Prize as Bait
*Spam Filtering Service News for August 3, 2012

Scam spam emails are doing the rounds posing as "Facebook User Notice" telling recipients that they're winners of $50,000 referred to as the "Facebook Instant Winner" prize so they must follow a given web-link for validating their email...Read Full Article

Spam Volumes Increased During April-May 2012
*Spam Filtering Service News for July 16, 2012

'Eleven' the security solutions vendor declared its June 2012 Email Security Report, revealing a rise in spam levels during April-May 2012. Specifically, the report states that during May 2012 alone there was a 17.3% incidence of spam attacks. Simultaneously...Read Full Article

Malicious Attack Sites is Surging
*Spam Filtering Service News for July 15, 2012

The number of compromised sites detected every month by Google antimalware and antiphishing system has been dropping rather steadily from the height of more than 300,000 in early 2009 and is now down around 15,000. However the company's stastics also confirm that...Read Full Article

Sophos Spots Trojan-embedded E-mail Spam
*Spam Filtering Service News for July 14, 2012

Security researchers from Sophos the security company have detected an ongoing spam mail scam, which has a malevolent file as attachment so cyber-criminals may contaminate Internauts' computers. Cautioning computer operators, the security company...Read Full Article

A Young Botnet Suspect Arrested by Russian Authorities
*Spam Filtering Service News for July 13, 2012

Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Department "K"(anti-cybercrime division) has detained a 22-year old Russian as they consider him a major suspect for running a Trojan-based botnet, as reported by softpedia on 25 June 2012. The botnet operator...Read Full Article

LinkedIn Substantiates its Members’ Passwords got Exposed
*Spam Filtering Service News for June 20, 2012

According to LinkedIn the business social-networking website, it's aware of a security breach against it that compromised the passwords of its users as those passwords were found exposed on an allegedly pilfered list. The company, however, didn't...Read Full Article

Sophos Warns of 'Facebook Timeline Remover' Spam
*Spam Filtering Service News for June 18, 2012

As per the security experts of the security firm Sophos, spam emails are used up by the spammers to spread the "Timeline removal" scheme around the internet. Various controversies are caused due to the introduction of Timeline on Facebook; many users...Read Full Article

USA Experiences Increased Spam during April, Reports Kaspersky
*Spam Filtering Service News for June 15, 2012

The just published April 2012 Spam Report by Kaspersky Labs the security company shows that the total volume of junk e-mails commonly called spam had increased significantly during April 2012. The increase, according to the report, is by 2.2% in contrast with...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Strike University of California
*Spam Filtering Service News for June 12, 2012

University of California also known as UC Davis lately was targeted on the Net when its faculty and students received a fake electronic mail in their Web-mail account captioned "Update Your UC Davis Webmail Account," reported dated...Read Full Article

LinkedIn Notifications Employed to Serve Malware
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 17, 2012

Cyber crooks are once again on their expedition of victimizing fake invitations and messages to the users of social websites Linkedin, as per internet security firm, Commtouch. Several variables including names, relationships, and the number...Read Full Article

Bank of America Target of Phishing E-mail
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 16, 2012

Accountholders with Bank of America are being urged for being vigilant nowadays of one fresh phishing e-mail, published dated April 23, 2012. Displaying a header, "Bank of America Warning: Error Statement," recipients of the fake...Read Full Article

Scareware Pushing Malicious E-mail Outbreaks Target Twitter
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 15, 2012

Two separate bulk e-mail scams are presently attacking users of Twitter so they're led onto compromised websites pushing scareware meaning fake anti-virus software, cautions GFI Software, the security company.The spam mails have brief messages with...Read Full Article

Yahoo! Accountholders Yet Again Targeted with Phishing Scam
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 14, 2012

An e-mail maybe reaching Yahoo users' inboxes, posing as a message from the Yahoo organization, reported dated April 17, 2012. Actually, the e-mail is purely a fake crafted for capturing unwitting users' login details. And while...Read Full Article

New Scam E-mail Targets Google Users
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 04, 2012

As per the security experts at security firm Sophos, a new scam campaign is spreading like wildfire across the Internet targeting Google users. The subject of the scam e-mail was account verification. It informed the user for updating their e-mail address...Read Full Article

Considerable Increase in Phishing, Malware E-mails
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 03, 2012

According to "Eleven" an e-mail security company, harmful e-mails, during Q1-2012 (January-March 2012), increased, with 83.7% of malware-laced e-mails and 169.6% of phishing e-mails detected.Also, with approximately 25% of spam mails...Read Full Article

Grandparent Scam yet again Spreading
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 02, 2012

A warning by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) calls upon citizens for remaining vigilant about the "Grandparent e-mail/telephone scam," which has re-merged after intermittently appearing ever-since 2008, while especially aiming...Read Full Article

Verizon Cautions about Fresh Phishing Campaign
*Spam Filtering Service News for May 01, 2012

Verizon alerted its clients to one fresh phishing e-mail campaign, which's rapidly proliferating online, while hitting their inboxes, published in news dated April 3, 2012.Posing as a message from...Read Full Article

Chinese Hackers use Electronics for Spying against Anybody
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 20, 2012

Chief of USA's counter-terrorism operations, Richard Clarke, who as well admonished of a 'stunning' blow from Al Qaeda prior to 9/11, points out that any Chinese electronic appliance can help hackers from that country towards performing espionage...Read Full Article

USA Still Leader of Global Phishing and Malware
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 19, 2012

The Websense Threat Report for 2012 published lately reveals that USA is still the global leader in malware hosting as well as malware connections, part of one neat planned strategy that cyber-criminals actively adopt. The reason, according to the firm...Read Full Article

eBay Targeted by Cyber Crooks in Recent Malicious Campaign
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 18, 2012

Cybercriminals have captured the body of genuine eBay e-mail and are currently using it in a malicious campaign, thus targeting innocent internauts, reported softpedia on March 26, 2012.The subject-line of the e-mail was titled...Read Full Article

Web Scammers Exploit Adobe’s Flash and Google’s Chrome
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 17, 2012

According to investigators from Kaspersky the security company, developers of malicious software are abusing Flash Player of Adobe and Chrome browser of Google for planting their wares onto Internet users' computers...Read Full Article

Phishing Scam Masquerades as IRS Attacks Businessmen
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 05, 2012

Specialists from Sophos the security company have warned of fake e-mails posing as messages from IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that presently circulating online, are actually aiming at innocent business-owners. Displaying captions like "IRS...Read Full Article

50 percent Decline in Spam email Announces IBM
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 04, 2012

IBM's Security Group, X-Force, currently released its 2011 trend and risk report that surveyed 4,000 customers and observed a 50 percent decline of spam email in 2011 against 2010. According to the security researchers this decline can be...Read Full Article

New DHL Tracking Notification E-mails are Spam
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 03, 2012

Sophos is cautioning Internauts about one spoofed e-mail supposedly from DHL, which issuing a notification accompanied with a Tracking number and hitting inboxes during October 2011, is yet again disseminating a harmful Trojan...Read Full Article

GFI Software Uncovers Phony LinkedIn E-mails
*Spam Filtering Service News for April 02, 2012

GFI Software the security research company recently alerted Web-surfers to fake e-mails posing as communications from LinkedIn the business networking website that while circulating online were presently targeting the site's members...Read Full Article

Kaspersky Claims that Political Spam Campaigns More Apparent
*Spam Filter Service News 03/29/12

As per the latest monthly report of Kaspersky, as the year guarantees to be combined with political incidents of international significance, spammers are becoming more active with their spam campaigns. In March 2012, Russia is supposed to elect its president...Read Full Article

IRS Cautions about Fraudsters Actively Executing Malicious ‘IT’ E-mail Campaigns
*Spam Filter Service News 03/28/12

Officials from IRS (Internal Revenue Service) are cautioning the general public of Internet fraudsters who are increasingly employing methodologies for conning residents this time of tax-submission, published The Augusta Chronicle in news...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail Hitting Residents of Sarasota County
*Spam Filter Service News 03/27/12

Florida-situated Sarasota County's Sheriff Office has issued an alert to residents that scam e-mails are posing as messages from Comcast XFINITY and that these may result in ID-theft, published dated February 22...Read Full Article

MX Labs Intercepts Fresh Twitter Notification Spam
*Spam Filter Service News 03/26/12

MX Labs, the security company reports one fresh spam mail scam posing as a Twitter notice that's presently circulating online as it targets unwitting Internet-users...Read Full Article

Shopping Scam E-mail Delivers Bot-like Trojan
*Spam Filter Service News 03/21/12

Director of PandaLabs, Luis Corrons studied one shopping scam electronic mail his wife received that provided elaborately about her so-called Internet-based buying of an overtly antique Brad jacket in extremely fine whole grain leather, so published InfoSecurity dated...Read Full Article

Facebook Scam E-mail Dupes End-users with Gold Membership Bait
*Spam Filter Service News 03/20/12

A recent email scam, making the rounds, tricks recipients that they believe they're winners of a "gold membership" Facebook is offering by granting them a cash prize of $2.5m (1.7m EUR), reports Full Article

Cybercriminals Selling Facebook, Twitter Logins via Factory Outlets
*Spam Filter Service News 03/19/12

Stealing identification details through malware like Zeus and SpyEye has become extremely easy, and leaves cybercriminals with excess information. According to InformationWeek's news published on February 9, 2012, two gangs of hackers are selling Facebook, Twitter, and...Read Full Article

High School Student Blamed for Uploading Virus onto Institution’s PC
*Spam Filter Service News 03/18/12

Police arrested a student, aged 16, from Bethlehem High School, the past week, following suspicion that he installed one PC-virus onto the school's computer. reported this on...Read Full Article

Chinese Hackers Alleged Perpetrators of an Extensive Nortel Breach
*Spam Filter Service News 03/17/12

Hackers, who planted remotely-controlled spyware onto Nortel networks, managed to steal passwords that the enterprise's high officials and executives used, thereby becoming capable of gaining admission into the company's e-mails, reports, business plans along with...Read Full Article

Phishing Scam Targets Chase Bank Customers
*Spam Filter Service News 03/15/12

Chicago, US-based Chase Bank officials are urging the public towards being vigilant about phishing e-mails that pose as communications from the bank, published during the 2nd-week of...Read Full Article

E-mail Supposedly Inviting to Conference, Serves Trojan
*Spam Filter Service News 02/17/12

Security Companies Zscaler and Seculert independently detected assaults that recently utilized "MSUpdater Trojan" a RAT (Remote Access Tool) featured malicious program through fake e-mails, apparently inviting recipients for attending some conference, while the messages...Read Full Article

Collaborated Effort towards Evading Spam
*Spam Filter Service News 02/15/12

The social networking sites including Facebook, Google Inc, and Microsoft Corp integrated with financial organizations including the Bank of America Corp, eBay Inc's PayPal, and Fidelity Investments towards creating a set of norms to be followed for the prevention of...Read Full Article

Drive-by Spam E-mails Suffices in Compromising Computers
*Spam Filter Service News 02/14/12

Researchers at a German security firm, eleven, observed the inflow of a new spam that automatically downloads malware on a system at the immediate instance of being opened via e-mail. This type of spam is so powerful that it does not even require the help of an...Read Full Article

Spammers Camouflage Trojan to appear like Google+ Hangout Plug-in
*Spam Filter Service News 02/12/12

Spammers, taking advantage of Google+, which attained some popularity, are distributing fraudulent electronic mails asking recipients to do a check out of Google+ Hangouts via taking down a file, which pretends to be a plug-in for Google Hangout, but actually...Read Full Article

As Bot-masters continue abundantly, the Kelihos Resurges
*Spam Filter Service News 02/10/12

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab the security company disclose that the technique with which they stopped the Kelihos/Hlux bonnet from operating is called 'sinkholing,' which features certain advantages for itself, however, they simultaneously realized one thing...Read Full Article

Spammers Targeting Major Events for Spam Circulation
*Spam Filter Service News 02/08/12

According to the January 26, 2012 findings by Symantec Corp. in a Symantec Intelligence Report, more than 10,000 exclusive domain names containing a redirect script written in PHP were found to contain a reference to the New Year in the file name. These redirect scripts...Read Full Article

Phony Traffic Ticket Notice to Seattle Drivers Opens Malware
*Spam Filter Service News 1/27/12

The e-mail that poses as sent from the U.S' Seattle DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) as also asserts that one traffic ticket has been provided for the recipient is another fraud. For, a web-link within the e-mail produces an Internet...Read Full Article

Ransomware Pretends to be Law Enforcement, Demands Monetary Penalties
*Spam Filter Service News 1/26/12

Panda Labs the security company said that its researchers had detected one more series of ransomware assaults, which pretended to be formal alerts that agencies of law enforcement issued, admonishing end-users that they required paying a fine if they...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Spoofing BBB Reappear
*Spam Filter Service News 1/25/12

Another e-mail scam has surfaced, yet again utilizing the name of BBB as well as having the tagline: 'Start With Trust,' as it inundates inboxes nationwide. The e-mails supposedly from BBB, Utah Office also display...Read Full Article

North Korea Possibly Invaded Seoul University E-mail Accounts
*Spam Filter Service News 1/24/12

According to officials at Seoul University, it's suspected that North Korea masterminded a hack attack during 2011 to target the university graduates' e-mail accounts in the South, published Yonhap News Agency dated...Read Full Article

Phishing Scams Rely on Google Docs
*Spam Filter Service News 1/23/12

SophosLabs has recently detected twin spam campaigns during the 3rd-weekend of January 2012 that exploits Google Docs as support for their phishing...Read Full Article

US Homeland Security Attacked by Chinese Cyber Crooks
*Spam Filter Service News 1/22/12

Cybercriminals from China have assigned a novel virtual weapon which targets the department of homeland security (DHS), the defense department, and various US agencies and business, security researchers said...Read Full Article

Spam Messages Connect with QR Codes
*Spam Filter Service News 1/20/12

The ThreatSeeker Network of Websense recently spotted one spam campaign, which relies on QR Codes described as a barcode's 2D variant. The company, which used a QR Reader to scrutinize the QR...Read Full Article

Spam Scheme Posing as Microsoft Lottery Circulating Online
*Spam Filter Service News 1/18/12

According to researchers from Avira the security company, one spam mail has been recently hitting Internet users, while asserting that it is from certain Microsoft Lottery, which in reality doesn't exist. reported...Read Full Article

Chinese Hacking Claimed against American Chamber of Commerce
*Spam Filter Service News 1/16/12

Computer-hackers based in China spied on the systems belonging to American Chamber of Commerce, causing the association's employees to be flooded with spam mails, reported HUFF POST TECH...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mails Purporting to be Apple Communications Detected
*Spam Filter Service News 1/13/12

spam e-mails particularly crafted for hitting Apple clients and masquerading as Apple communications have been found to presently circulate online, published Full Article

Spam Reporting Center Anticipated as Canadian Government Embarks Upon Curbing Spam
*Spam Filter Service News 1/12/12

The federal government in Canada has decided to create one 'Spam Reporting Center' with which illegitimate and nuisance e-mail, text messages and phone-calls will be stubbed before they can inundate Canadian mailboxes, social-networking accounts..Read Full Article

Spam Campaign following Kim Jong-il’s Demise Serves Malware
*Spam Filter Service News 1/10/12

The telecommunications regulator of South Korea alerted that a malicious spam campaign, by capitalizing on Kim Jong-il's death who was the Workers Party of Korea's general secretary in North Korea, is striking users' mailboxes. Help Net Security...Read Full Article

Blaine Man gets Jail over Nigerian E-mail Spam
*Spam Filter Service News 1/08/12

A person from Blaine who earlier acknowledged that he netted millions via launching a 'Nigerian e-mail scam' he crafted is now facing jail for 5-yrs. Seattlepi published this dated...Read Full Article

Malicious Spam Depicts Demise of Venezuela President
*Spam Filter Service News 1/05/12

According to security experts at Sophos, with the intention of victimizing netizens from Latin America, the fake death news of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez was taking rounds..Read Full Article

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