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Cloudmark Reveals Spammers Toll on Package Delivery Firms
*Spam Filter Service News 12/24/11

E-mail Security Firm, Cloudmark reveals a hike in the inflow of spam e-mail masquerading renowned package delivery firms with the beginning of the holiday season targeting innocent...Read Full Article

Consumers Cautioned of Scam E-mail Abusing Name of USPS
*Spam Filter Service News 12/23/11

Security researchers have lately alerted that e-mail scammers are misusing the name of USPS (United States Postal Service) for gaining admission into people's sensitive personal data...Read Full Article

Phishing E-mail Targets Xbox Live Players
*Spam Filter Service News 12/22/11

A phishing e-mail is targeting users of Xbox Live that cyber-criminals sent them in a sophisticated scam, thus published in news dated November...Read Full Article

Bogus Emails Appear to be Coming from Facebook
*Spam Filter Service News 12/21/11

These days, one can easily find in one's inbox the daunting posts which appear to be coming from social networking website Facebook, according to a Softpedia report dated November...Read Full Article

Nigerian E-mail Scammers Pretend to be FBI within Fresh E-mail Fraud
*Spam Filter Service News 12/20/11

Scam e-mails are landing inside people's inboxes supposedly from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division, warning recipients to make a deposit...Read Full Article

Starbucks Gift Card Spam Targets Twitter and E-mail Users
*Spam Filter Service News 12/19/11

With an intention to target users of Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail users, a starbucks-themed scan has been revealed, as reported by HELP NET SECURITY on November 21...Read Full Article

PayPal Phishing E-mail Centers on Skype TopUp Spending
*Spam Filter Service News 12/16/11

Internet users are being cautioned of a spam mail, which tells the recipient that an amount of 69.99 GBP has been credited to his PayPal account and that the sum transferred to Skype...Read Full Article

Jobs and Gaddafi Remain Hot Topics for Spammers
*Spam Filter Service News 12/15/11

The latest spam report by Kaspersky Labs reveals that spammers continue to use several hot news such as founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, also the company's chairman who died recentl...Read Full Article

Spam Increases 2% during 3rd Quarter of 2011
*Spam Filter Service News 11/24/11

According to Kaspersky Lab, which recently published its third quarter report for 2011, the total number of fake electronic mails that Internet-users found in their mailboxes during the...Read Full Article

Elderly Man Victimized with Spam Phishing E-mail Fraud
*Spam Filter Service News 11/23/11

A resident aged 73, of Grosse Pointe city in Michigan, USA reported getting a spam e-mail that even victimized him, published GrossPointePatch during the end-week of October...Read Full Article

Spam Exploiting Gadhafi’s Demise Continues
*Spam Filter Service News 11/22/11

Symantec researchers stumbled on fresh versions of the already circulating spam mails regarding Muammar Gadhafi the Libyan leader's death, which are actually nothing, but 419 scams...Read Full Article

Spammers bypass URL-Condensing Websites’ Security Systems
*Spam Filter Service News 11/21/11

Symantec, within its "Symantec Intelligence Report for October 2011" released recently states that spammers have discovered one technique for bypassing security systems installed...Read Full Article

Phishing Scam Targeting “College of the Holy Cross” Affects Innumerable People
*Spam Filter Service News 11/02/11

"College of the Holy Cross" lately informed the Office of Attorney General for New Hampshire (USA) that a phishing attack victimized 7 employees of the institution, with the scam originating...Read Full Article

Cops Caution about Scam IRS emails
*Spam Filter Service News 11/01/11

Police are cautioning residents of Clifton (New Jersey, USA) for being wary about scam emails, presently circulating online, thus published dated October 21, 2011....Read Full Article

South Dakota Company Sues California Firm for Unsolicited emails
*Spam Filter Service News 10/31/11

Gage E-Services a business company based in Sioux Falls (South Dakota) and Knowledge Matrix Inc., a company in California are fighting legal battles regarding spam mails, published...Read Full Article

Spammers Utilized Spam, Economic Crisis and Threat for Murder during September: Kaspersky
*Spam Filter Service News 10/28/11

According to one recently-released September 2011 spam report by Kaspersky Lab, spammers, during the month, used many fresh and advanced tactics of social-engineering for deceiving...Read Full Article

Construction of Chinese Bots Very Faulty, State Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News 10/27/11

The construction of Chinese botnets is very poor and they're full of faults, state security researchers. published this on October 6, 2011....Read Full Article

Password-Stealing Polymorphic Malware on the Rise
*Spam Filter Service News 10/26/11

Security researchers caution that spam outbreaks consisting of "polymorphic malware" programmed for spreading banker Trojans that steal passwords are on the rise since recent months...Read Full Article

PC-Virus Infects Systems inside American Drone Machines
*Spam Filter Service News 10/25/11

The computer systems fitted inside the robotic airplane cockpits belonging to the Reaper and Predator drones of USA have been contaminated with a virus that's intercepting the keystrokes of the pilots...Read Full Article

Halloween-Themed Black hat SEO have Begun
*Spam Filter Service News 10/24/11

Though Halloween still has a few weeks to go, online crooks are fully charged with new scams aimed at trapping users and infecting hacking of computers....Read Full Article

Cybercriminals Designing Superbotnet: Commtouch Researcher
*Spam Filter Service News 10/12/11

By sending out billions of malicious emails for a mysterious reason, a cybercriminal association is creating a superbotnet, according to Commtouch researcher Avi...Read Full Article

US Fed Agencies Insist Cyber Security Code of Conduct against Botnet
*Spam Filter Service News 10/11/11

Two US federal agencies -- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), have proposed that a voluntary...Read Full Article

Symantec Identifies Fresh Spam Run Surrounding iPhone 5
*Spam Filter Service News 10/10/11

According to Symantec the security company, one fresh spam run that attempts at cashing in on the soon to be launched iPhone 5 is presently circulating online....Read Full Article

Alleged Spam Mailer Fined $700,000
*Spam Filter Service News 10/09/11

Brendan Battles and IMG (Image Marketing Group), his company that allegedly spammed mails may have to pay $700,000 as fine on charges they apparently traded 50,000 email ids...Read Full Article

Fresh Spam Distributing Countries Getting Marked
*Spam Filter Service News 10/08/11

According to one fresh research that Kaspersky the security company carried out recently, the geographical regions from where spam originated during 2010 has since changed...Read Full Article

Brothers Legally Punished for Executing Spam Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News 10/07/11

Amir Shah, 30 and brother Osmaan Shah, 27 who's an ex-student of UM (University of Missouri) of Missouri, USA were put under a period of probation in a sentence that followed...Read Full Article

Sudden Surge in Malicious email Attachments Raise Brows
*Spam Filter Service News 10/06/11

The ramification of uncanny demeanor of malicious email attachments since August 2011 is beyond imagination, according to Internet security firm, Commtouch, reports networkworld...Read Full Article

email Scamming Entice Internet-Users via Fresh Tricks
*Spam Filter Service News 10/05/11

The Consumer Affairs Unit of TDCI is advising clients for remaining vigilant about emails, which summon recipients to answer a survey in exchange of an online gift card, reported...Read Full Article

Court Hears Hacking Cases against Two Teens
*Spam Filter Service News 09/14/11

Police officials from Britain are heading for USA for collecting clues pertaining to a PC-hacking case, which may help in prosecuting a pair of British teenagers thought...Read Full Article

E-mail about Money Transfer via Western Union Masks Trojan Assault
*Spam Filter Service News 09/13/11

According to Sophos the security company, its researchers have caught malicious software within an e-mail pertaining to certain money transfer through Western Union...Read Full Article

Fake Facebook Spam Going Around
*Spam Filter Service News 09/12/11

Facebook hackers have been trying to arouse user's curiosity by leveraging their excitement about getting a notification by a scam mail, but this time it alerts about a new...Read Full Article

Spam Mail Purporting to be from FTC Delivers Trojan
*Spam Filter Service News 09/11/11

A vicious electronic mail is doing the rounds, posing as a message from the U.S. FTC, while infecting PCs with malware. Reports have been coming to the agency complaining about...Read Full Article

NY State Police Warns the Public About One Fresh Phishing email
*Spam Filter Service News 09/07/11

The Computer Crime Division of the New York State Police (NYSP) has raised an alert regarding one fresh spurious email, which poses as a message from the DMV (Department of...Read Full Article

Victim of Travel Scam email
*Spam Filter Service News 09/06/11

Susan McNeese Lynch, a Louisville, Kentucky resident and proprietor of SML Communications is the latest victim of a scam email as reported by wlky on August...Read Full Article

Fasthosts Admonishes Small-Sized Enterprises against Dispatching Spam
*Spam Filter Service News 09/05/11

Fasthosts the Internet hosting company has asked small enterprises to resist spamming their clients through bulk emails. Actually, numerous people had complained it...Read Full Article

Insignificant Spam Rates in August 2011: Symantec
*Spam Filter Service News 09/04/11

In the Symantec Intelligence Report declared for August 2011, the global ratio of spam is shown to have declined by 75.9% (one in 1.32 emails was marked as spam). There was...Read Full Article

CTIA Cautions about Phishing E-Mails
*Spam Filter Service News 09/01/11

CTIA has issued an alert to Internet-users that one fresh e-mail scam is presently circulating online, while it poses as a communication from the association. Full Article

Phishing Scam Strikes UH Students
*Spam Filter Service News 08/31/11

Security researchers caution University of Hawaii students in Hawaii, USA that phishing e-mails are presently reaching their inboxes posing as messages from the Web-mail...Read Full Article

Incredible Hike for E-Mail Spam, Says M86 Security
*Spam Filter Service News 08/30/11

M86 Security reports that malicious junk e-mails have increased significantly, largely surpassing anything the company observed during 2009-10. ITPro published this on...Read Full Article

Spam Mails Purportedly from UPS Circulating Online
*Spam Filter Service News 08/29/11

Researchers from security company Commtouch are cautioning that one fresh malicious e-mail campaign is circulating online while it poses as being sent from UPS the package...Read Full Article

GFI Highlights July E-Threats as Malware-Laced Autowhaler and Codec-Disguised Scareware
*Spam Filter Service News 08/24/11

GFI Software has just declared the Top Ten e-threats it identified during July 2011. Among those the company highlighted, an "autowhaler" app carrying malicious...Read Full Article

Spear Phishing Spam Strikes America’s Military and Senior Officials
*Spam Filter Service News 08/23/11

A personalized email phishing spam called spear-phishing is presently circulating online as it targets US military personnel and experienced...Read Full Article

Cyber-Criminals Currently Phishing for Frequent Flier Points
*Spam Filter Service News 08/22/11

Kaspersky Lab the IT security company headquartered in Russia has just released its July 2011 malware report according to which, cyber-criminals...Read Full Article

Bogus E-Mails Purport to be Microsoft Security Patch
*Spam Filter Service News 08/21/11

Security researchers recently spotted a spam mail circulating online, which apparently notifies of a security update for Microsoft's...Read Full Article

Anti-virus Software Disabled by Fake Codec Trojan
*Spam Filter Service News 08/18/11

ESET announced the spread of dangerous new variant of the Win32/Delf.QCZ Trojan through Facebook, as reported by virus removal...Read Full Article

Scareware Purveyors Resort to Socially-engineered Spam Mails
*Spam Filter Service News 08/17/11

According to the ThreatSeeker Network of Websense, it has been keeping watch as well as tracing one new spam campaign that's targeting...Read Full Article

Californian Sentenced to Lengthy Prison over Phishing
*Spam Filter Service News 08/16/11

Tien Truong Nguyen, a 34-yr old man from California has been legally ordered towards serving prison for over 12 years...Read Full Article

Spam eMails Masquerading as Firefox Update Deliver Trojan
*Spam Filter Service News 08/15/11

Security investigators at Security Company Sophos caution that bogus e-mails posing as notifications for Firefox update...Read Full Article

Symantec Reports Rise in Worldwide Spam against Total Electronic Mail
*Spam Filter Service News 08/11/11

According to its July 2011 Intelligence Report that just got released, Symantec highlights that the worldwide percentage...Read Full Article

E-mail Spammers Exploiting Online Bankers’ ‘Financial Fear’
*Spam Filter Service News 08/10/11

According to researchers from Sophos, cyber-criminals in a new e-mail scam are exploiting consumers' 'financial fear'...Read Full Article

Spam Campaign Piggybacks on RSA Breach: AppRiver
*Spam Filter Service News 08/09/11

According to researchers from AppRiver the security company, they have spotted one fresh spam campaign which's trying to...Read Full Article

M86 Reveals Hike in Email-Based Attacks
*Spam Filter Service News 08/08/11

While analyzing trends of cyber threats during the initial half of 2011, security experts from M86 Security Labs claimed...Read Full Article

Email Recipients Alerted of Scam Purportedly from FBI
*Spam Filter Service News 08/04/11

According to security researchers, an email scam has been recently spotted which poses as communication from the Federal...Read Full Article

Bank Customers in Spain Subjected to Fresh email Assault
*Spam Filter Service News 08/03/11

Security firm Trend Micro warns that one fresh email scam laced with malware is presently attacking people with accounts...Read Full Article

India Volatile for Spam Emission in June 2011: Kaspersky Lab
*Spam Filter Service News 08/02/11

According to a recent report on spam emission presented by the Kaspersky Lab, India still holds the topmost position of producing...Read Full Article

Public Cautioned of Rugby World Cup Scam
*Spam Filter Service News 08/01/11

The Anti-Spam Compliance Unit (ASCU) of the Department of Internal Affairs has issued an alert for the public that they should...Read Full Article

MX Lab Detects Spam Mail Supposedly Issuing Carrefour E-Card
*Spam Filter Service News 07/28/11

According to researchers at MX Lab the email security company situated in Belgium, one fresh spam campaign is doing the rounds...Read Full Article

Marco Island Female Receives Scam email
*Spam Filter Service News 07/27/11

A Marco Island, Florida woman Lisa Gandy lately got an email that posed as a communication from IRS the American government...Read Full Article

Phishers Attack Users of iDisk from Apple
*Spam Filter Service News 07/26/11

Researchers from Symantec the security company warn users that phishers are attacking iDisk the Internet file-hosting...Read Full Article

RCIPS Warns of Scam Coca-Cola email
*Spam Filter Service News 07/25/11

According to a warning by RCIPS (Royal Cayman Islands Police Service), the permanent contingent of police catering to...Read Full Article

Spam Mails Pose as Unpaid Credit Card Notifications
*Spam Filter Service News 07/13/11

Investigators at M86 Security the security firm are cautioning that one fresh junk email campaign, which's distributing messages...Read Full Article

Spammers Distributing Fake Google Invite Messages: Sophos
*Spam Filter Service News 07/12/11

Investigators from Sophos the security company are warning that spammers are dispatching malicious emails posing as...Read Full Article

Scam email Demands Money for Having Recipient’s Life Spared
*Spam Filter Service News 07/11/11

Police are advising local inhabitants for remaining watchful ever-since a man from Newmarket (England) got a threatening email...Read Full Article

Phishers Pretending as Facebook Security Team in a Recent Fake email Scam
*Spam Filter Service News 07/10/11

Security experts at the Internet Security firm Sophos have recently acknowledged a new phishing email, wherein attackers apparently...Read Full Article

Barracuda Labs Detects Spam Runs Aimed at SMBs
*Spam Filter Service News 07/06/11

According to investigators at Barracuda Labs a security company, they've identified 2 fresh spam outbreaks, which while targeting...Read Full Article

Phishing emails Targeting Microsoft Outlook Users
*Spam Filter Service News 07/05/11

Cyber security experts at the security firm, Sophos, have warned Microsoft Outlook users to be careful about phishing emails...Read Full Article

PayPal, Phishers’ Most Targeted Item During May 2011: Kaspersky
*Spam Filter Service News 07/04/11

Kaspersky Labs, which recently issued its May 2011 spam activity report, states that PayPal the online payment system continued...Read Full Article

Sophos Spots Spam Outbreak Attacking Users of Twitter
*Spam Filter Service News 07/03/11

Investigators from Sophos caution of one fresh spam run which's presently exploiting Twitter as also its widespread...Read Full Article

HMRC Warns of Tax Rebate email Scams
*Spam Filter Service News 06/27/11

As the deadline for renewing tax credits comes near, UK Government's Tax Department, HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue...Read Full Article

Bank Negara Cautions of Phishing email
*Spam Filter Service News 06/26/11

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has cautioned of an email scam that is presently circulating on the Web, as reported by...Read Full Article

Emails Supposedly from McDonalds Drop Trojan
*Spam Filter Service News 06/25/11

Investigators at BitDefender the security company state that they've detected scam emails that are arriving in mailboxes purportedly...Read Full Article

Spam Rates Declined, but Phishing on a Surge: Symantec
*Spam Filter Service News 06/24/11

As per Symantec's latest (June 2011) "State of Spam & Phishing Report", due to the successful botnet shutdowns, the volume...Read Full Article

Ryanair Cautions Regarding Fake Recruitment Email
*Spam Filter Service News 06/23/11

Ryanair has recently warned job seekers regarding an email scam pretending to have come from it, as reported by The Journal ...Read Full Article

Spear Phishing Technique Likely Used to Attack IMF
*Spam Filter Service News 06/22/11

According to security researchers, a cyber-assault against the International Monetary Fund a worldwide financial organization may've been launched with the so-called spear phishing technique, states dated June 13, 2011...Read Full Article

FBI Cautions about Fake Homeland Security EMail
*Spam Filter Service News 06/21/11

Andrew G. Arena Special Agent-in-Charge has said that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has got complaints about a scam email that appearing as formal communication from the bureau is being delivered into the mailboxes of Michigan residents and...Read Full Article

Malware Authors Benefit From Updates Not Being Installed
*Spam Filter Service News 06/20/11

G Data, which recently analyzed malicious software for May 2011, has found that cyber-criminals are actively following the trend of exploiting un-patched security flaws that affect Web-browsers, implying that they aren't...Read Full Article

Spam eMail's Carrying PDF Attachments on an Increase
*Spam Filter Service News 06/07/11

IBM lately published outcomes from its yearly report titled "X-Force 2010 Trend and Risk Report," emphasizing that both private and public organizations internationally encountered...Read Full Article

Spammers Kept Same Tactics during 1st Quarter of 2011
*Spam Filter Service News 05/31/11

Kaspersky Labs' first quarterly report for 2011, cybercriminals did not much make use of new techniques for spam circulation and used the same conventional tactics during the first quarter...Read Full Article

Spammers Come Together Once Again Following Botnet Takedowns
*Spam Filter Service News 04/06/11

According to Kaspersky Lab the security company, following several botnets' shutdown between July and December 2010, email spammers have once again retrieved operations...Read Full Article

Email Spam Levels Reach a Peak of 81.3% During February 2011
*Spam Filter Service News 03/11/11

Symantec Corporation, on March 1, 2011, declared its MessageLabs Intelligence Report for February 2011, according to which, email spam increased to a maximum of...Read Full Article

US Spam Volumes Start Reviving During January 2011
*Spam Filter Service News 03/02/11

The total email spam volumes in United States started rising during January 2011, placing the country once again among the twenty most widespread sources of spam ever-since...Read Full Article

Email Spam Poses Threats to Egyptian Consumers
*Spam Filter Service News 02/25/11

An email masqueraded to be sent by a consultant with the former Egyptian president, Muhammad Hosni Mubarak, seeking help from people for moving money and...Read Full Article

Waledac Botnet Owners Gather 500,000 Credentials
*Spam Filter Service News 02/10/11

Security researchers at Last Line the security company, who studied Botnet Waledac that emerged during 2010-beginning found that till now it has been capable of...Read Full Article

Asprox Botnet Distributing Oficla-bearing Spam Mails
*Spam Filter Service News 1/14/11

Security investigators from M86 Security warn that a spam campaign pretending to notify failed shipment of recipients' parcels is flowing out of the...Read Full Article

A Four-Day Plunge to Stuxnet’s Knowhow
*Spam Filter Service News 1/6/11

To gain information about the Stuxnet computer worm from an unrecognized Belarusian security company is indeed a shameful event for the vulnerability team at Microsoft, as... Read Full Article

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