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Chinese Website Promises Fresh Movies, But Actually Installs Malware
*Spam Filter Service News 12/17/10

According to Webroot a security company, a very recent movie website situated in China offers visitors much more compared to some very recent pirated movies as also it loads one Web-server that's... Read Full Article

Fake UPS Spam E-mails Spread Malware
*Spam Filter Service News 12/1/10

Security researchers at BKIS have warned against a new series of spam emails impersonating United States Postal or UPS service. These spam e-mails target innocent.. Read Full Article

Scareware Represents 25% of the Entire Malicious Software
*Spam Filter Service News 11/8/10

A prominent company for Internet security cautions that bogus anti-spyware and anti-virus software, together called scareware, acts as a force that drives the market for cyber-criminals... Read Full Article

Botnets appear as a Huge Threat in 2011
*Spam Filter Service News 10/25/10

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) 2011 Emerging Cyber Threats Report was released in recent times in which it predicated that one of the most important threats... Read Full Article

Skype-Based Phishing Email Spreading over Internet
*Spam Filter Service News 10/6/10

Security experts at "Websense" advises about a latest phishing email which is targeting Skype users and is presently making rounds... Read Full Article

New botnet exploiting social networking website "Twitter"
*Spam Filter Service News 9/27/10

A new botnet which is exploiting social networking website "Twitter" as its command and control channel, has been detected by security experts... Read Full Article

Hackers Exploiting Google Code Repository
*Spam Filter Service News 9/14/10

A new report by Web security firm, Zscaler, has found that malicious hackers are exploiting the Google Code repository to harbor backdoors, Trojans horses and password stealing key logging programs that target multi player... Read Full Article

New Version of Zeus Trojan Targets Internet Banking
*Spam Filter Service News 9/2/10

Researchers at a website security company Dasient report that a fresh attack is being launched that involves the data-stealing Trojan, Zeus. This Trojan contaminates Windows computers... Read Full Article

Phishers Targeting Bank of America Customers
*Spam Filter Service News 8/27/10

Security researchers at ScanSafe report that phishers are targeting the customers of BofA (Bank of America) through a fresh e-mail fraud. The fake electronic mail, posing as a message... Read Full Article

Surge in Attacks Abusing Zero-Day Vulnerability in Windows
*Spam Filter Service News 8/10/10

Software giant Microsoft said that its security team has discovered over 10,000 different PCs that have suffered the attack exploiting the Windows Help and Support Center vulnerability, according to the news... Read Full Article

Cyber-Criminals Employing Automatic Programs For Testing Their Web Standing
*Spam Filter Service News 8/06/10

Bot-masters and virus authors are using fresh subscription services in increasing number of instances to examine if and when McAfee SiteAdvisor and Google Safe Browsing the Web reputation software applications separate... Read Full Article

Internet Users Targeted by New Spam Email Campaign - Sunbelt
*Spam Filter Service News 7/30/10

'Sunbelt' Security experts alerts the users against a new spam email campaign, which is spreading on the Internet and targets naïve users. It has been highlighted by the security firm that spam emails imitating to be registration... Read Full Article

NY District Attorney - Beware of Increasing Email Scams
*Spam Filter Service News 7/23/10

The Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau of the New York County District Attorney's Office, has been informed about an increase in email scams including illegally obtained email accounts from web-based email providers... Read Full Article

Next generation Phishing Kit Discovered
*Spam Filter Service News 7/16/10

Researchers at security firm "Imperva" have recently detected a next-generation phishing kit. As per Imperva, the "freeware" phishing kit has been posted on the hacker forum and is used to build up fake websites like a PayPal or... Read Full Article

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