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One Billion Malicious Spam Emails Sent Globally Every Day
*Spam Filter Service News for December 28, 2017 reported that almost one billion spam emails with malicious are delivered all over the world with users clicking on them at a growing rate.

America having a problem of spam which deliver a cyber scam in many cases. According to latest numbers, FBI shows over 250,000 cyber scams reported with majority of them originated from an unwanted email. reported quoting Sandy Breault, Spokeswoman of Omaha Field Office of the FBI, as saying "These emails look similar and so you have to look at it very carefully."

The FBI said that cyber thieves are getting more sophisticated and they are now targeting particular individuals at companies.

Breault said that employees like accountants and comptrollers who deal money regularly are increasingly being attacked with emails asking them to route fake payments - and they will not disclose the company's name involved claiming that it has occurred at Omaha.

Companies can fight this type of threat by conducting cyber scam drills.

Breault added: "In fact, they phish their own employees and if an employee clicks on it after getting it, despite being told not to do it, they can find who did it and show what you did and what could happen."

FBI has identified two threats namely Cryptolocker and Keylogger bugs for regular email users which are increasing currently.

Cryptolocker is a dangerous ransomware which does not show a warning saying that user needs to pay a fine for using copyrighted content or to initiate other illegal activities on the Internet. Cryptolocker is a ransomware which encrypts files blocking personal files of people and then to display a notification asking for a ransom amount to decrypt. Normally, this threat asks to pay ransom of $300 USD.

The viruses of Keylogger are more defined.

The moment you open an infected email, the malware installs a virus into your computer logging each and every keystrokes of yours.

Breault cautions by advising not to open any spam messages and you must delete it without reading and never respond to it as responding verifies a live email address.

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