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JC Penney Warns Patrons of Scam Emails and Fake Calls
*Spam Filter Service News for November 22, 2017 states that JC Penney, a chain of departmental stores based in Plano, Texas (US), is asking its customers to protect themselves while on the Internet because some of its customers have experienced fake solicitation through all modes of communication like calls, mail, emails, text messages or websites misusing the name of JC Penney.

The company has been warning of a common email scam which guarantees a $500 shopping coupon for taking part in a survey and spells the company's name "JC Penny", while originally it is spelled as JC Penney. This should not fool anybody for this the ruse.

The survey once complete, information regarding bank account is asked to meet the little cost for processing and mailing the shopping coupon.

The email comes from and not the actual JC Penney and it cautions at the top as "Report Spam" and directs to another website which will try to collect personal and financial information.

JC Penney says that their receipts from store invite customers to take part in a survey which also includes instructions about doing it online but even then you need to be very careful.

JC Penney notifies: "If you employ a search engine like Yahoo, Google, etc. and search for the survey, you may be taken to a wrong location. These sites are not affiliated with jcpenney.

To minimize the success of such scam emails, JC Penney highlights some simple security advices which will help you to check the authenticity of the email. It says that if at all you become suspicious or feel uncomfortable then simply do not respond to the email.

JCP does not offer shopping vouchers amounting to high-value or gift cards on completion of surveys (as in the above case) or to sign for free offers. You should suspect such offers which come through emails and should not respond to such mails and never disclose your personal information like driving license numbers, credit card numbers or social security numbers via email.

And just like JC Penney, users of world renowned online retailer Amazon were also struck by scam emails.

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