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Purchase Notification E-mail Supposedly from Apple Phishes Information off Consumers
*Spam Filter Service News for July 8, 2016

Scam e-mails are circulating that posing as messages from Apple notify consumers that they've bought TomTom, one kind of GPS for motorcars' navigation system, available at Apple's store, published dated December 30, 2014.

It's explained inside the fraudulent electronic mail that incase the user didn't endorse the TomTom's buying he must follow one given web-link for obtaining the deal cancellation form from Apple store.

It's also mentioned that submitting the form duly filled in will cancel the purchase while the user will supposedly get the full refund.

But, Apple hasn't sent the e-mail while the assertion that the user has purchased a TomTom simply works out as feign for tricking him in a way that he would click on the 'cancel' web-link.

Following the web-link, however, would lead him onto one site which harbors the phony 'Cancellation' form from Apple as it directs him for giving his name as well as contact details along with his banking and credit card particulars.

Moreover, hitting 'enter' on 'Cancel Transaction' option would transmit his entire info to the cyber crooks who may utilize it for executing ID-theft and/or financial fraud, elaborate security researchers.

The crooks just know that as the year ends, it's the most appropriate time for playing the above kind of trick when numerous anxious end-users would hasten to halt the supposed deal.

They've learnt to act increasingly effective by executing the attack during the year's current time when the victim most likely wouldn't detect a fake deal sufficiently early, considering that maximum purchases are also done during this holiday season of the year.

Besides, a few banks too declare a holiday so mayn't be as prompt as normal that could cause difficulty in lodging a theft complaint.

Any dubious electronic mail must be treated with caution by not abiding by its requests. In case any web-link is given, it's necessary for verifying its URL inside the browser for determining if its details match with those within the e-mail.

Finally, anybody getting an e-mail that appears as a phishing message supposedly from Apple is advised towards forwarding the same at for Apple to investigate.

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