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LG Electronics Consumers Become Target of New Phishing Scam, Caution Researchers
*Spam Filter Service News for May 27, 2016

Users of LG Electronics may receive certain windfall gain notification from the company in one latest phishing e-mail scam; warn security researchers, thus reported in news on December 4, 2014. Curiously, the phishing electronic mail's 'From' address contains the top-level domain (TLD) .edu that's for exclusive use by educational institutions, particularly universities.

Cyber-criminals greatly favor e-mail ids of this kind since they aren't treated the same way as anti-spam software would do with electronic mails sent from routine TLDs, the reason being the implicit trust in .edu TLD. The above phishing scam seemingly depended on an electronic mail sourced from Indiana (US) situated Vincennes University for distribution of the fake messages.

Reportedly, the fraudulent e-mail notifies the recipient that he's winner of certain prize resulting from an LG organized lottery draw as also for which he should e-mail to one separate id to claim the award. This separate id relates with an "" inbox, thus even any less savvy Internaut can notice the mismatch between both ids given.

And while it isn't definitely known what the scam could do as its next maneuver, it is expected that it could solicit personal information or produce one web-link leading onto some malware via its e-mail message. In the meantime, for lessening the impact of assaults like one described above, Internauts require ignoring the messages i.e. not answer them.

Each month, an enormous volume of fraudulent, phishing e-mails get dispatched from scammer controlled mailboxes for deceptively making victims reveal personal info alternatively aid in theft of their money. Thus, it is advised that nobody should ever transmit his private information or money to any person who asked for the same through e-mail.

Moreover, incase any LG patron gets the aforementioned kind of e-mail, he is requested to contact LG at the company's website as well as request LG for validation of the e-mail's credibility, specialists urge.Meanwhile, it isn't LG alone for scammers to target a high-profile firm during recent Internet assaults, for likewise assaults targeted the worldwide Internet-based payment major PayPal too sometime near 3rd-week of November this year (2014).

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