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Iron County Alerts Residents about Fraudulent E-mails
*Spam Filter Service News for February 22, 2016

The Utah, USA situated Iron County residents are being cautioned from their Sheriff's Office that a scam e-mail, currently in circulation, is targeting them, published dated November 13, 2014.

The Office, in one press release, informed that the fake electronic mail tells its recipient that there's one overdue arrest warrant on him related to a loan he didn't pay as well as committing of check fraud.And though it may seem that some legitimate source sent the e-mail, according to the press statement, this isn't how the government would get in touch with anyone concerning any arrest warrant.

So if anybody gets such an e-mail which has one attached arrest warrant he should peruse the details given towards determining inconsistencies. The inconsistencies may include information regarding a different state's attorney alternatively any telephone number which isn't valid alternatively goes to some non-government person/office else some Magic Jack telephone-number. One more indication the e-mail is a fake follows from the receiver actually not having any unpaid loan like claimed within the message. Moreover, the warrant's items seem as being copied.

Overall, the e-mail uses a scare trick for extracting cash from unwitting users.Ultimately, anybody getting one false arrest warrant requires informing Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) alternatively his district's United State Marshals Office. However, incase the recipient of the warrant doubts the order's genuineness he should talk to his district court's junior employee.

It's reported that the bogus detention order e-mails are spreading all over US, including within various District Courts such as those of Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, New Mexico, Columbia, Utah, as well as all over Florida. As per investigating officers, any individual acquiring or demanding cash else any other valuable thing by pretending to be any employee/officer of US could face monetary penalty and/or a maximum of 3-yrs imprisonment.

Now, it isn't merely Iron County's residents getting targeted with bogus detention order scam e-mails. Recently two months ago (September 2014), e-mail fraudsters pretending to be court officials and police officers tried duping Alaskans so they would frighteningly hand over money as fines for eschewing imprisonment, as per one notice which Alaska's courts released.

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