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Scam Emails Impersonating Chase Online Attacks Customers
*Spam Filter Service News for September 11, 2015 reported on 9th October, 2014 quoting a recent warning of security experts as "Phishing emails impersonating Chase Online are presently targeting innocent users. "This is perhaps one of the oldest swindling tricks in the history of phishing but it could make many victims with cyber attacks affecting JP Morgan Chase.

The phishing email informs the recipient that the financial institution (referring to Chase Online) has decided to block access to his accounts due to irregular activity. The victim is asked to login to his online bank account and verify the process to sort out the problem. The login website is bogus actually it's a phishing webpage, emulating the bank's original website and hence all the data entered on the said website is automatically sent to crooks.

Security experts observe that the server hosting the fake page is in Santiago situated in Chile. The phishing URL has no link with JP Morgan Chase although the email appears to be from them. A phishing website is pretty short-lived as its nasty efforts are quickly diagnosed by automated systems which monitor emails and threats carried by them.However, experts said that even if the hoax website is online for a few hours, some users may get trapped and their online banking data may get stolen by the online criminals.

Security experts analyzed the above phishing attack and issued the following tips to Chase customers to avoid and thwart unwanted threat of phishing. Firstly, never respond to emails impersonating Chase and claiming via emails that your account has been blocked (like in the above case), compromised or deactivated and direct you to a third-party website.

Instead, call up the number given on the back of your bank card or visit the website of the bank to verify the authenticity of any communications and take suitable action, accordingly. Secondly, you should monitor your accounts regularly and be watchful especially when an institution has been breached. There is no evidence of fraud related to the breach and Chase informed customers that they wouldn't be responsible for any malicious transactions.

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