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Locals of Central Texas Attacked with Fake USPS Emails
*Spam Filter Service News for May 5, 2015 reported in the second week of September 2014 stating that many residents in Central Texas, a region in the U.S. State of Texas, have received fake emails impersonating US Postal Service which is the country's official postal agency.

The email said that USPS could not deliver the parcel to address and asked customers to click on a link to print a shipping label and collect their parcel from the local post office. reported in the second week of September 2014 quoting Bob Brown, who received the email and informed officials of USPS, as saying "I don't know if it's a virus or the person at the post office said when you click on the link, you might be asked for money."

USPS officials advised that you should never click the link enclosed in the email claiming to be from them. published a statement in the second week of September 2014 quoting Stephanie Harden, Spokesperson of US Postal Inspection Service, as saying "That should be a red flag."

USPS has been investigating this particular scam and warning customers by posting alerts on their websites.

The Postal Service confirmed that it never notifies customers via email about any package delivery. published news in second week of September 2014 according to which Tammy Mayle, a U.S. Postal Inspector said that customers would receive notification through postcard for picking up parcel or the notification would be posted on the door.

Postal inspectors advised to be careful about any email claiming to come from the Postal Service because post office does not have email address for all available postal customers. So be careful in all such cases as these are scams and never click on such links.

Moreover, cybercriminals impersonating officials of USPS continue to target other package delivery outlets on regular intervals. For example, scam emails purporting to be from delivery company UPS in June 2010 claiming that a packet sent by the recipient could not be delivered due to security reasons. The emails asked the recipients to open an attachment and print out an invoice which was maligned with malware.

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