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BBB Warns About Emails Purporting to be from Courier Companies
*Spam Filter Service News for April 28, 2015 reported on 23rd September, 2014 stating that The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is cautioning consumers about a nasty phishing email scam emulating package delivery enterprises that rocks the United States every year embezzling millions of dollars from bank accounts of people.

BBB is especially a non-profit organization focused on advocating marketplace trust based in Virginia, United States.

The scam begins with a fake email warning people of an "undeliverable package" and the email asks people to print out an enclosed receipt and bring it to a local UPS, FedEx, or any other package carrier.

Whenever a link is clicked by people to download the receipt of the package a virus enters their computer. This virus then embezzles any bank information that is stored on the computer.

The BBB says that the fraud has been successful over the years with growing popularity of online shopping and hence they want to warn maximum people.

The primary red flag is that most of the parcel carriers don't send notices like above through email.

Experts advise that while checking their messages in their mailbox, they must have an eye on spelling errors as scammers often make those mistakes but major companies don't. published news on 23rd September, 2014 quoting Aaron Reese, Manager of Information and Media Services of BBB with Kansas City as saying "Notwithstanding what the bait is to try and lure you to click the link, they all attempt the same thing. They all infect your computer and rob your information and capital."

Security officials analyzed and commented that it is due to such above type of fake email campaigns which has led to a constant surge in phishing over the Internet with US being one of the top favorites of the cybercriminals for phishing.

Moreover, it is not just private courier companies which are attacked by cyber crooks because scam email campaigns impersonating US Postal Service (USPS) also bombard Internauts on regular intervals. Security officials intercepted spam emails during March 2011 posing as failed delivery notifications entitled "Post Express Information. Your package is available for pick up." The emails contained a ZIP attachment which installs malware into the system if opened.

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