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Experts Warn that Users of iTunes being Targeted by Fresh Phishing Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for October 16, 2014 reported on 16th July, 2014 quoting a warning by security experts as 'spammers are presently running a campaign of phishing email targeting dupe users of iTunes software of giant Apple.

'The fake email entitled "Important message from Apple itunes!" reads: "dear Customer, Unfortunately, your online access has been blocked. It has come to our attention that your information is out of date. This requires you to verify this information for the restorer access to your account. The failure of this verification leads to the removal of your iTunes account. To verify your identity, follow the instructions below carefully.

"The user is given the option of "Verify Now" in the fake email, in case he/she wants to activate his/her account instantly. However, emails are not from Apple and cybercriminals get all information provided in response to the fake email. The fact is that Apple or any other organization does not send such emails to their customers as they never want to suspend or delete a customer's account because organizations actually would never like to lose customers.

They would send a message to users reminding them of their long absenteeism from their service if the service remains inactive. Security experts spotted a phishing email of above type and analyzed it to detect its location of spoof website as Newark, New Jersey. Security experts observe that this phishing email is easy to be detected because of its grammar mistakes in the poorly constructed message but others can be more successful.

Apple informs its customers through its official website that they should never provide their Apple information on any non-Apple website. Apple websites have like or (with the exception being which require Account information.

Apple suggests that if you receive a suspicious email of the above discussed type, then forward it to Moreover, this is not the first time that Apple patrons have been attacked with Apple-themed phishing email scam because security pundits spotted a scam email during June end purporting to be from the software giant (Apple) and trying to cheat consumers with unexpected iWatch and iPhone 6.

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