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Spammers Constantly Trying to Infiltrate Websites, Observed by Security Expert
*Spam Filter Service News for September 4, 2014 quoted Jerome Segur, a Senior Researcher at Malwarebytes on 9th July, 2013 that spammers are becoming increasingly craftier at infiltrating websites. As per Segura, some spammers have sneaked past YouTube's filters and effectively uploaded porn material to the video file sharing website.

It's not only the emergence of porn on YouTube that poses a major threat; videos uploaded on YouTube further trick Internuts into following a hazardous link. When users click on the link within the video, they are redirected to sites namely and which are known for malware and fraud.

Once the Internaut clicks that link and departs from YouTube, he/she gets a SMS (short messaging service) asking his/her age. The victim is charged a fee while confirming his/her age. The objective of these pornographic spammers is to divert YouTube's traffic to external shady websites. Complaints have been lodged against SMS numbers used in these campaigns but still it has not stopped.

Actually, one such text message costs you several dollars while regular text messages are normally free or costs you few cents. Segura in his blog, which has been published by on 8th July, 2013, wrote that humans and machines have to fight never ending battle against spam and it seems they never going to win but can only minimize it.

Experts advise to Inernauts not to send any text message to strangers to avoid being victimized by such malware ridden campaigns cashing on the popularity of YouTube. However, if you have sent a SMS, then it would be a good idea to Google the short code and you may find scam reports posted by other users.

On a concluding note, it is not the first time that YouTube has been attacked by spammers in their nefarious scams. In October 2012 internet users were warned about a malware attack posing as a communication from YouTube about copyrighted video content. Security firm Sophos had then reported that spammers were relaying spam emails entitled "Your video may have illegal content". These emails were actually maligned with Trojan/Agent-XXC, the security firm had claimed.

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