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Scammers Exploit Google’s Fifteen Years of Establishment through E-mail Fraud
*Spam Filter Service News for July 21, 2014

According to security researchers, as Google the popular search engine marks its 15th annum since launch, cyber-criminals are using the opportunity for celebrating in their own way by exploiting the name within an e-mail scam, reports dated June 21, 2013.

Posing as messages from "Google's 15th Anniversary Awards Center," the fake electronic mails inform the recipient that he has won himself a reward valuing GBP 800,000,00 within 'Google 15 Years Anniversary Awards' that was held inside London, UK under the supervision of Google Inc.'s Anniversary Center.

They further tell that the Anniversary Center chose the recipient's e-mail address among those of the lucky 20 winners Google chose for getting awarded. Winners shall get the prize as per their Settlement Centers. The monetary rewards from Google must be collected within at least four weeks since announcement of lottery draw date, the e-mails tell.

Also, that the user may claim his so-called award, the bogus e-mails suggest him for communicating with a 'claim agent' specifically for him, while further direct that he must answer the e-mail by providing certain amount of personal information. But, Google hasn't sent the e-mails. If anybody believes the messages' content as also communicates with what's actually a fake agent, he'll get instructed for paying upfront fees in a sequential mode prior to his prize getting dispatched.

Explaining why this must be done, the scammers would assert on unavoidable legal fees, insurance costs as well as bank transaction fees that must be met. Clearly, the scammers would specify that the mentioned charges have to be wholly paid prior to any prize becoming capable of release. Besides, in case the victimized user suggests that the requested charges be deducted from his prize money, he'll get explained that such wasn't possible because of legal rules.

Indeed, the entire supposed charges quite similar to the reward, are wholly fictitious. Moreover, the entire cash the victim sends would go directly to the scammers, who after extracting the maximum possible money will vanish leaving little trace whatsoever.Therefore, incase anybody gets one of these e-mails, he must just erase it without replying, advise security specialists.

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