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Message Claiming Facebookers Account is Currently Locked Targets the Website Users
*Spam Filter Service News for April 21, 2014

An incorrect warning telling Internauts that their account is currently locked is currently targeting Facebookers, as reported by on May 29, 2013. The message claims that the warning has been issued to all, and the recipient of the email is told that if he sees a pop-up on his computer, he should kindly not click on it. It will wipe out the email recipient's computer as it is a computer virus.

The message goes on to say that the email recipient's account is presently locked, as malware as been found on the user's computer. malware is phony software that puts an effort to grab your personal details, slows the email recipient's connection and it can lead to various other troubles when the user uses Facebook. The user is told that his computer can get contaminated with malware if he clicks or shares spammy links.

Experts' note that warning is completely incorrect. Actually, the warning is a legitimate Facebook characteristic that warns the users when phony software is found on their system. In contrast to what the warning says, clicking on "Continue" is very much recommended as it helps the user to bypass the possible malware infection. That being said it's logical that recipients have been affected regarding these alert messages, as same type of claims are made in bogus emails.

Some phishing emails might say that a user's account will not work if they don't click on a link within an email or open an attached file to update their account details. These scams are made to get the account credentials. And, given that certain malicious software may lead to surprising windows opening to appear that made an effort to con recipients into submitting their account details, it's always good to be careful and verify any such demands before continuing. But, in the case of above pop-up warning, which will only be seen when Internauts try to log into their account, the claims made are genuine, commented experts.

In a nutshell, this scam come adjacent of other scam that struck Facebook users in the second part of May 2013.emails supposing to be from Facebook security says that a new security known as "Fan Page Verification Program" was being executed at the social network, and that Page owners should click a link and select a 10-digits security code to finish the procedure till May 30, 2013, were recognized.

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