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Phishing E-mail Imitating Facebook Security Target Users
*Spam Filter Service News for April 8, 2014

Facebook security has intended to launch a Phishing email is again hitting inboxes of user's and they time they want to achieve for the big fish: pages are suitable to have followers more than that in private user, warns experts, published net-security dated May 24, 2013.

"Fan page verification program" a new security feature which is claimed by the email is now run at the social network, and that owner of the page must click a link and to end the procedure, select 10 digit security codes. If the process is not completed, the users' page will be suspended by 30 may, 2013.

Recipients who con into commencing the "Fan Page Verification program" will reach the phony page of Facebook that request the users to submit the URL of their fan page, the login details and help to get "Transferring code" by selecting 10 digit numbers. They will get a conformational email in 24 hours when they enter all his information. But this is disguise and they have given the keys to their Fan pages and a direct link to the fans to the fraudster, who might misuse it for spam or send phony links to many people those, might click on them.

This phony scam is more sophisticated than any other of its ilk but although it is same as in intent to a long executing series of security of Facebook scams that have been overwhelmed users for many years. Do not pen the attachment, if you got any of these emails, expert examining the current phishing email suggest.

Facebook scam returns in the limelight with the invention of Facebook black fraud in March 2013 which takes victims to Facebook page motivating Facebook black which uses through Google chrome extension so as to download two JavaScript files. Finally though, recipients who install Facebook extension were given the survey scam that is how the hackers work their activities along with execution of the scam campaign.

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