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Regions Bank are Targeted by Phishing Email Campaign
*Spam Filter Service News for December 5, 2013

Customers of Region Bank, Birmingham (Alabama, US), are presently targeted by phishing email scam that's made to con them into handling over their individual and financial information, reported on May 2, 2013.

With subject equivalent to Alert: Imp message on you're a/c the bogus email tells the recipient that the Bank's IT Dept had just found some doubtful behavior on his net banking account from an Internet Protocol or IP address based in Singapore. Consequently, the Bank has discontinued transactions to avoid the chances of online embezzlement and other phishing attacks.

In case the recipient is sure that he did not access his a/c from Singapore, he should click on the link furnished in the email to activate the Bank's new online Internet Protocol protection. This new facility mitigates the chances of any such similar incident in future.

The links in the phishing mail point to a phishing site listed with a German hosting provider that gives free webspace to its subscribers. Presently, the phishing webpage designed to imitate the Region Bank's Website- is offline. However, the cyber crooks have possibly set up the phishing email campaign on other domains too, security professionals comment.

To mitigate the chances of users falling for tricks such as these one's security experts highlight some important points about phishing. The first thing is that, phishing messages sound very urgent. Customers could receive an email with an urgent or time-sensitive message urging them to respond urgently, like in the above mentioned case.

Also, they carry links to "phony" website. There will be a link that will take the recipients to a phony website like in the above case. This site may seem genuine, but is actually one that is regulated by the fraudster. Genuine 'Regions' emails' which carry links will have the customer's name and the last digits of his account in the upper corner of the webpage. Once you have confirmed your personal details is correct, you can click on the link in the email.

And last but not the least, always remember that Bank's like Regions in this case will never ask for the customers personal or financial details through email.

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