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A Spam Campaign Imitating PayPal Launched by Amerika, says Dynamoo’s Blog
*Spam Filter Service News for November 25, 2013

A fresh PayPal, the world renowned e-payment service, themed spam email operation initiated by Amerika Crew, a group of cybercriminals that's supposed to be behind a number of spam campaigns executed to attract Internauts to websites serving malware is currently underway, as per Dynamoo's Blog, as published by dated April 30, 2013.

The Dynamoo's Blog says, the recent malware-ridden spam emails are titled "Requested Reset of Your PayPal password", tell receivers of the spam email that their accounts at PayPal are "on hold" till the time they (receivers) don't reset their password. The phony email tells the receivers that in order to get back their PayPal account, they will have to generate a fresh password, which can be done easily by clicking on the link given in the email so that a secure browser window can be opened.

Verify that you are the original holder of the account, and later follow the directions. Reset your password now" .Let us know urgently if the request forwarded by you didn't help in generating a new password. Reporting it is important as it helps prevent fraudsters from embezzling your details.

After analyzing the phony email, experts comment that when PayPal send emails they will use your name, exactly as you entered it when you opened your account with PayPal. If you are not referred properly or if you think there's something doubtful about the message, you may have got a 'phishing' email, as is the case out here.

The most common phishing scams includes a fraudulent email that seems to be from a trusted company or brand like PayPal in this case. This email then takes people to a phony version of a popular website. The website is manufactured to make people think they're providing the details to a trusted company, when they're supplying it to a fraudster or identity thief.

Also, PayPal users were attacked by a similar phishing email campaign back in last week of March 2013. Bearing the subject line: "Unread message from PayPal", the message told recipients that it was meant to verify if their account at PayPal was deleted.

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