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Spam Amounts Represented Increase during February then Stability during March 2013, Reports Kaspersky
*Spam Filter Service News for November 12, 2013

'The Spam in March 2013 Report,' which Kaspersky Lab the security company prepared and released recently, reveals an enormous rise in spam traffic during February 2013 followed with a stabilization of junk e-mails that leveled at 70.1 percentage points. In spite of this decline, nevertheless, Internauts couldn't relax as the malevolent attachment numbers within spam messages rose 1.2 percent simultaneously during March 2013, while depicting a mean of 4 percent.

Actually, online scammers became alert to Venezuela the country situated in Latin America when news of Hugo Chavez's demise President of Venezuela reached all corners. According to the security company, spammers reacted instantly as well as lost no time in dispatching bulk e-mails based on the news.

A fake spam mail amongst others was distributed purporting to be from one seaport chief in Venezuela apparently requesting assistance for gathering the money due to him since he sold diesel to South Sudan. While the spammers made no offer of monetary reward for this assistance within their initial message to the victims because they aimed at inciting the recipients' enthusiasm and response first, during the subsequent message, they offered a specified sum of money to the victims.

Still one more spam mail was dispatched purporting to be from the security chief who was also Hugo Chavez's close friend. Typically 'Nigerian' scammers are imaginative. So they wrote that the so-called friend had control over the money that was lying inside the bank account of the secret lover of the late first citizen of Venezuela, and that they would share 25% of the collected sum with anybody who would assist in getting the money offshore.

In both instances, the key objective of the scammers was to get the e-mail recipients' interest and involvement, so money could be forced out of them characteristically via the pretence about 'processing fee' payment related to the imaginary millions of bucks' transfer. In addition to these spam trends, Kaspersky reports that China led the world's countries in spewing the maximum volume of spam at the rate of an 11.4% rise, with USA in second position with a 0.4% increase.

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