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Be Cautious of Scam ‘Google’ Email
*Spam Filter Service News for September 16, 2013

Internet users have been alarmed of an email in which scammers in the name of Internet giant, Google is trying to obtain all personal details from them, as said by dated March 30, 2013. The email, addressing Google Chief Executive, Lawrence Page, says that the users have won £950,000 (HK$11,162,400) and inquires for their personal details, such as names, contact addresses, and telephone numbers for registration.

Three files in the name of Google Promo are attached along with the mail.In the words of Information-technology Lawmaker, Charles Mok emails could be carrying computer viruses, but are required to be examined first, as printed by on March 30, 2013.Police looked like "lottery fraud".

But the commercial crime bureau did not received any complaints about it.According to police spokesman victims in such situation generally got undesirable messages through sms, phone calls or email, informing them that they had succeeded a huge sum of cash in lotteries organized by internationally famous organization, as said by dated March 30, 2013.

Also, the message does not belong to any of the companies (Google) named nor it is genuine lottery notifications message, analyst examining the current scam email campaign comments. However, the assured prize [950,000 in this case] is nothing more than the bait intended to hook unfortunate victims into sending their money and personal details to cyber criminals.

People who fall trap to the ruse can contact "Google Chief Executive Lawrence Page", their bogus "agent", will soon be requested to send upfront fees that are supposedly asked to permit the discharge of the whole imaginary victory. The scammers will assure that these fees are necessary to cover such obligations as insurance, transfer taxes or bank fees and they will persevere that the fees cannot, under any situation, be reduced from the prize itself.

Hence, people who got such fraud email are suggested not to answer them. Moreover, it is not advisable to give your personal details and other sensitive identities with unidentified sources like these as they can easily sell your contact details and also uses your recognition for fraud events. Delete such scam emails.

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