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US Army CID Bewares Internet Users of E-mail Phishing Scam
*Spam Filter Service News for August 7, 2013

Cyber criminals are trying to replicate members of the US Army Criminals Investigation Command via e-mail, claiming that they are from the "office of the Division of Criminal Investigation," when none of the organization remains within Army CID. In the e-mail, the phony agent asks for the recipient to provide financial and personal information under the ruse that the recipient -- ironically -- has been the victim of a fraudulent company.

In the e-mail, the fake agent asks for the recipient to give financial and personal details under the ruse that the recipient -ironically- has been the victim of a fake company.According to the Chief of Public Affairs of CID, Christopher Grey, the e-mail was first claimed by someone not associated with the military who was attempting to check if it was original, as reported by on March 7, 2013.

Grey further claimed that at this point of time, it is quite difficult to determine how widespread this particular e-mail scam might be, but as it is; they are notifying it to the public outright for further protection from becoming a victim. As per Grey, such email came from overseas, most probably like Western Africa, the home to a number of famous Internet cons, such as the "Nigerian Scam," the foreign Lottery Scam" and the "Romance Scam" that "continues to plague the public.

"The capability of law enforcement to make out these perpetrators is very limited, so people must be attentive and individually responsible to save themselves and their loved ones. According to the recommendation forwarded by the CID, soldiers, civilians and family members are all advised to delete such mails immediately on receiving such e-mails.

However, the following steps are suggested in case a mail is received claiming to be from "Office of the Division of Criminal Investigation." One is advised not to respond to the e-mail and further stop all the contact if one has responded to the e-mail and report it back to the CID. In case an e-mail is received from the e-mail report it to the Army CID's "Report a Crime" branch. E-mail address for the same would be

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