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Bogus Employment Opportunities Advertised through Spam Mails; Dynamoo Blog
*Spam Filter Service News for July 12, 2013

Dynamoo's blog is cautioning Internauts for being watchful of bogus employment opportunities presented through spam mails, as reported dated 1st March 2013.Displaying a title "There is a vacancy of a Regional manager in USA," the unsolicited electronic mail advertises the job requiring a number of things from the candidate.

These are: very good administrative skills; versatility in Microsoft Office; being particular about details; fine knowledge in utilizing Facebook and Twitter, the popular social-networking websites; organized in work; finely presentable as well as having aptitude towards being a team member who's self-motivated; punctual and reliable; ability towards understanding as also carrying out instructions; and hard working while determined to excel.

Anyone caring to take this job is requested to transmit his contact information, the e-mail states.Alongside the above, the e-mail requests for the complete name, country as well as city of origins along with e-mail id of the potential candidate.An id is given in the e-mail wherefore to send the details.Not surprisingly, the domain-name established on 28th February 2013 bears an association with an IP address in Mexico.

The registering user's postal address, however, doesn't exist.Meanwhile, security analysts after examining the e-mail spam suggested methods for not getting victimized with it.These are: any uninvited employment opportunity coming through e-mail, like within the above instance must get considered with utmost precaution. Such an electronic mail mustn't be answered else responded with personal information.

Besides the trick related to money-laundering, fraudsters sending employment opportunity e-mails may as well deceptively make victims divulge their sensitive, confidential details. Through e-mails sent again and again, the fraudsters may acquire sufficient info for carrying out identity theft. They can even deceive victims into making payment of fees towards undergoing 'interview training' else acquiring 'employment manuals' both of which are false.

Lastly, victims can be duped into remitting money whilst looking forward to getting an embezzled check for clearance, the analysts enumerate.Eventually, in a similar fake job offer e-mail during recent months, POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) cautioned unwitting job-hunters, during February 2013, of employment opportunities as governess inside USA.

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