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Labor and Industry Department Cautions Montanan Employers about Phishing Scams
*Spam Filter Service News for May 18, 2013

The Department of Labor and Industry at Montana (USA) has issued an alert to employers that one e-mail scam is circulating online soliciting information related to salary as well as separation information of erstwhile employees; published dated February 20, 2013.

Citing DUA i.e. the Division of Unemployment Assistance, the phishing e-mail indicates the necessity to obtain erstwhile workers' details in connection with certain claim an entity recently filed. The Montana UID (Unemployment Insurance Division) disburses unemployment insurance in Montana.

The UID under the Department of Labor and Industry works to obtain secret worker information over fax, phone, USPS mail alternatively ePass, Montana's protected file transfer mechanism. The UID personnel also conducts certain non-confidential data exchange through e-mail, wherein the e-mail contains name, phone number and position of the employee along with '' displayed within the id in the "From" space.

However, according to Pam Bucy, Labor Commissioner, the current e-mail has targeted employers of Montana again a second time in just some months, published

Ms. Bucy indicated that in the previous e-mail scam, the Department of Labor and Industry cautioned inhabitants of Montana who got Unemployment Insurance privileges for eschewing replying to a phishing electronic mail dispatched from For, that e-mail told receivers that they required turning on the Direct Deposit Card issued to them via dialing 1-800 alternatively via following one web-link embedded on the e-mail.

Ms. Bucy explained that the UID of Montana Department of Labor and Industry didn't dispatch e-mails requesting users to provide their Direct Deposit details. The Department wished the public for remaining wary that not only was the Department unassociated with us-benefits but so was the Federal government unassociated with it; therefore whatever came from them must get erased, she suggested. published this dated February 20, 2013.

Actually, according to an assertion in the website, people may formally request on it to get due benefits, while it's really the one and only one site that allows Montanans for obtaining correct info related to Unemployment Insurance as well as for making a formal request for their claims. Hence the former type of websites is misleading.

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