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University of Delaware Attacked by the Phishing Email Scams
*Spam Filter Service News for April 12, 2013

University of Delaware (UD) Information Technologies (IT) revealed that new phishing scams that modified the UD Community began arriving in UD inboxes recently, as published in on February 5, 2013.

From Sunday, February 3, 2013, many dozen UD students and employees have reverted to the phishing scams, permitting their UD email accounts to be attacked by hackers and spammers.

Although the e-mail messages bear the subject line "UDemail Service - Your UDemail Account has been flagged", seems to arrive from the IT-staff. Actually the e-mail is a phishing scam designed to trigger recipients to click a link in order to obtain personal details.

On clicking a link in one of these latest scams, one will observe a realistic-looking login page for UD's Webmail (Mirapoint) or Exchange e-mail service. However, IT-Officials analyzing the scam commented that on properly examining the URL of the site, one will be able to onserve that the website does not belong to University of Delaware.

Based on the malicious content associated with the scams of these types, officials at the University have highlighted some of the following tips to the recipients. These include the avoidance of asking personal information through e-mails by the authentic companies. Thus, if such e-mail or phone call arrives from such an organization (like Delaware University in this case), it would be better to send an e-mail or look up at the contact information of the sender of the e-mail and independently contact them so that the legitimacy of the e-mail or the phone call can be justified. Secondly, it would be wise to choose a strong password for one's account and avoid using the same password for every account and most importantly not to save it in the browser.

Also, find spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in the e-mail's text as phishing e-mails usually contains a lot of them. Fourthly, your name isn't available anywhere but rather a general name is given.

Finally, UD is not the only American University to be attacked by phishes in recent time. In mid-January 2013, e-mails that used the IU (Indiana University) logo and correctly cited the name of the University's ITS, encouraged recipients to chase a link to a form and offer passphrase information for University-related accounts were intercepted by security University Officials.

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