Hosted Spam Filter

Ideal for MS Exchange Server. Works with all Mail Servers and hosted domains.

Spam Filtering and Virus Protection
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  • Messages: Unlimited
  • Attachments: 25MB*
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  • Trials: Unlimited
  • Users: 100**
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     *up to 125MB attachments   **up to 5,000 users is a fully managed domain-wide email spam filter service hosted in the "cloud" which works with Microsoft Exchange Server and ALL Mail Servers. Email is filtered before it arrives at your mail server. A simple change to your DNS MX record is all that's needed to re-direct your entire domains mail thru our spam filter service. Works with all mailservers: MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, MDaemon, etc., and even works if your email is Hosted at services like GoDaddy and Google Apps and Office 365.

Our advanced spam filtering technique prohibits anything except legitimate email to pass through the spam filter and only your legitimate messages are sent directly to your mailserver. SPAM messages are held in a web-based quarantine Spam Viewer for you to review and retrieve if needed. Each domain comes with a single Spam-Viewer (quarantine), however you also have the option to provide each individual user with their own personal Spam-Viewer (for an additional fee). Service is ideal for blackberry users as well.

Spam Filtering is our Flagship service launched in June of 1999. Optional add-on services enhance the spam-filters capabilities which include Email Encryption, Outbound Email Relay Smart Host, Mail-Viewer, and Mega 125MB Attachments.

Optional Add-On Service:

Email ArchiveQuarantines

Individual Quarantines allow each end user to view and manage their own spam messages.  Learn More

Optional Add-On Service:

Email ArchiveMail-Viewer

Review your incoming email even if your mailserver is down or offline!
  Learn More

Optional Add-On Service:

UpdateOutbound Relay

Use our Outbound SMTP Relay Server from anywhere in the world.
  Learn More


Optional Add-On Service:

Mega Email AttachmentsMega Attachments

Receive super-large files (up to 125MB) via email.
  Learn More

Optional Add-On Service:

Email ArchiveEmail Encryption

Receive incoming email over a secure TLS Encrypted Connection.
  Learn More


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