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Stranded Overseas Scam E-mail Strikes Renowned Organizations Executive Director
*Spam Filter Service News for January 6, 2018

A sample of stranded abroad fraudulent electronic mail lately targeted Executive Director Beatriz Oesterheld of Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA-based Community Affairs and Resource Center when cyber-criminals hacked into her e-mail A/C.

Leaving her private electronic mail id, the fraudulent message showed the headline "Horrible News!!!...........Beatriz Oesterheld."

The signatory that is the hacker wrote in the name of Beatriz that she was sorry for the difficulty caused.

The message claimed Beatriz was stranded inside Manila, the Philippines from the previous night. When she was journeying onward to her hotel, criminals beat her and took away all her belongings and now the hotel manager had taken custody of her luggage till she paid all her outstanding bills.

So presently she required funds to return to her country, the scammer wrote. The borrowed money would be returned, the fake e-mail asserted. Since her return flight was scheduled shortly, the scammer, posing as Oesterheld, requested to know whether she could rely on the e-mail receiver.

Luckily nobody believed the e-mail or got trapped.

Margie Fierman a resident of Shrewsbury and Oesterheld's friend stated that the e-mail first shocked her because of what had taken place. Subsequently, she had a doubt. So she called Oesterheld's work place for confirming her condition, Fierman continued.

Telling more about the scam electronic mail, security experts stated that like always one should exercise caution with any inbound e-mail which requested to dispatch cash to someone, no matter whether the writer appeared to be a friend. Indeed, such an undesirable e-mail at best should be erased from the mailbox. Besides, web-mail account holders must ensure for the maximum possible security of their account particulars, while people must remain aware about probable phishing scams created for capturing their web-mail A/C particulars. Those users having multiple web-mail accounts, with some not frequently in use, should best check all of them routinely for making sure they hadn't got hijacked to dispatch spam or scam messages which might seem to arrive from the targeted user, the experts added.

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